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I'm Ray and I love trying out new sex toys. My favorite types of toys are plugs and prostate massagers. I'm always looking to trying out new things. I'm slowly working on getting out reviews for more and more obscure toys. If there is anything that you want me to review, feel free to send me a message!

Review: Velskin Pecos Dildo

Amazing toys are made from silicone and are usually dual density. Even more amazing toys are made the perfect size and firmness. I think that this Velskin Pecos is on my list of amazing toys. Just opening it, right away, it feels like a premium toy. I noticed right away …

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Review: Holy Trainer v3

As I mentioned in my previous review of the Holy Trainer, a chastity device is great if you want to prevent access to your genitals. If you’re in a D/s relationship or like playing with orgasm denial, getting a chastity device is a must. If you are in a relationship, wearing …

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Review: Tantus Adam Super Soft

The latest Tantus line of Super Soft toys are very… super soft. These are not exaggeratedly soft, they still have that firmness if you squeeze it—but they are super bendy. This toy is a semi-realistic looking toy. Personally, I don’t mind realistic-looking toys, but I do know that some do. …

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Review: MysteryVibe Crescendo

The Crescendo is promoted by MysteryVibe as the first “body-adapting 6-motor smart vibrator.” The main feature of this vibrator is the fact that it can be bent in almost any shape. Not only can it be bent in any shape to fit any body, the vibration patterns are fully customizable. …

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Review: Ultra Inflatable Position Master

The Inflatable Position Master is a wedge-type of inflatable designed to facilitate the use of new sex-positions. It is very similar to the foam wedges that other companies sell. Using these type of position enhancers can sometimes be seen as a necessity. I found myself always trying to use our …

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Review: The Vice Chastity

The Vice device is the first chastity device that I know of that has an anti-pullout system integrated in its design. When practicing chastity, the keyholder should make it a goal that the chastized cannot escape or defeat the chastity device that they are wearing. For most off-the-shelf devices, it is …

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Review: Satisfyer Pro

I don’t have the anatomy necessary to use the Satisfyer Pro. The Satisfyer series of toys are clitoris stimulators. For this reason, I had my partner use these toys. For the most part, this review is written mostly by her. The Satisfyers were given to me free of charge by the …

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Review: Tenga Flip Zero

The Tenga Flip Zero is one of those cutting-edge latest-technology toys that is only available in Japan. For the longest time, the only way to purchase this toy was to get it imported from Japan to your country. It was only just recently that Tenga has made the Flip Zero …

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Review: L’amourose Rosa

Where do I even start? This is the prostate massager I’ve always wanted, but never really knew that it existed. I’ve always wanted a super strong vibrator [for prostate use], but I never knew that it existed somewhere. The L’amourose Rosa is that prostate massager. It is now my go-to prostate …

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