Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals!

Every year, Black Friday tends to have the most amazing deals. In the sex toy world, even more! Here are some of the best deals where you can find the cheapest toys while still ensuring that you’re getting quality products! There are tons of promos and some coupon codes here to save money on sex toys.

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SheVibe has it all. All the things you could ever want with amazing staff. They have a large variety of toys; a little bit of everything. I can guarantee you’ll find something amazing.

Here is what you need to save!

  • Code: Bumble10 10% off your order $75 or more AND Free Shipping.
  • Code: Jack15 15% off your order $100 or more AND Free Shipping.
  • Code: Ralphie20 20% off your order $125 or more AND Free Shipping.
  • Code: Grinch25 25% off your order $350 or more AND Free Shipping

These sales run today until Monday at 11:59 EST!

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Tantus is one of my favorite shops ever. They have great silicone toys—almost all of my toys are from Tantus. They’re high quality and made in the USA.

This sale goes all weekend long until Monday!

Use code: BFCM51

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A free gift with every Black Friday or Cyber Monday purchase! Keep your eyes posted on this link for all of the greatest deals! They’ll be having good discounts on all of the popular brands. If you blink, you might miss it!

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Crystal Delights

Beautiful glass toys. They have the most gorgeous sparkly plugs that serve as eye candy too. Use code: TTYA19 to take advantage of 15% off your order!

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Peepshow Toys

Great sales like 25% off site-wide and more. Keep an eye posted on their website for even more sales starting Friday.

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