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Review: The Vice Chastity – Mini

I have reviewed the original Vice Chastity quite a while back. The anti-pullout system is a revolutionary feature not seen in any device. When I first reviewed the device, I reviewed the regular device, but found it to be just a bit too big to be comfortable for long term …

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New Custom Holy Trainer v3

Come read my review of the Holy Trainer v3. The Holy Trainer company finally started doing extra custom features such as mixing special colors, adding a sticker/badge, and some other extra stuff not previously mentioned. The inclusion of all of these features make it feel like the device that you …

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Review: Holy Trainer v3

As I mentioned in my previous review of the Holy Trainer, a chastity device is great if you want to prevent access to your genitals. If you’re in a D/s relationship or like playing with orgasm denial, getting a chastity device is a must. If you are in a relationship, wearing …

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Review: The Vice Chastity

The Vice device is the first chastity device that I know of that has an anti-pullout system integrated in its design. When practicing chastity, the keyholder should make it a goal that the¬†chastized cannot escape or defeat the chastity device that they are wearing. For most off-the-shelf devices, it is …

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