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Prostate Toys

Prostate toys are any types of devices intended to stimulate the prostate.

Review: Aneros Progasm

Prostate toys are fun. The stimulation found in prostate toys is something that unfortunately not many people have the bravery to try out. It bums me out that people find prostate stimulation to be sort of a taboo—so many people are missing out and don’t even know how great this …

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Review: Aneros Helix Trident

Prostate massagers are usually something that only “adventurous” people try. I consider myself adventurous and have discovered that this is one of the greatest prostate toys there is on the market [that does not vibrate]. When the word prostate toy comes to my mind, I think of some toy that vibrates that …

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Review: L’amourose Rosa

Where do I even start? This is the prostate massager I’ve always wanted, but never really knew that it existed. I’ve always wanted a super strong vibrator [for prostate use], but I never knew that it existed somewhere. The L’amourose Rosa is that prostate massager. It is now my go-to prostate …

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Review: Fun Factory Duke

The Fun Factory Duke is a silicone prostate stimulator. The stimulator comes in two parts–the insertable portion, which is made out of 100% [platinum-cured] silicone, and the vibrating bullet, made out of ABS plastic. The vibrating bullet is not intended to be used by itself, it is intended to be …

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Review: LELO Billy

I am a fan of prostate stimulation. I used the Aneros in the past to give me stimulation, but this is only  stimulation. As my first prostate massager, I chose the LELO Billy and it has worked very well. First Impressions Just like other LELO products, I am already amazed before …

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