Long-Term Chastity with the Kink3D Cobra Cage

Long-term chastity turns me on. It turns my partner on. Ever since I started experimenting with chastity play, I’ve been on the hunt for the best. The best chastity device, something that’s comfortable to wear. All the time.

Clones, knockoffs, and cheap devices are out of the question. You can feel that they’re cheap, and they’re just not fun to use. When bottom-of-the-barrel materials are used on your privates, you can tell. A new article is incoming, but 10 out of 10 knockoff devices have been uncomfortable.

I think everyone has their own Goldilocks zone, of what they feel is best for them. For me, it has always been the Holy Trainer v4. It’s the one I can use for a long time without removing, which is about three days max. After that, it has to be removed completely so that I can clean myself. I have always thought that was as good as it was going to get. I have tried so many times to push my limits—but I get chafing, rashes, or just overall…uncleanliness.


The Kink3D Cobra Cage has been a game-changer. The open cage design beats the semi-enclosed tube of the Holy Trainer v4. Hygiene is too easy with the open cage design.

The key to using chastity long-term is being clean. You definitely don’t want a rash in that area—nor do you want it to dry out. When you take a shower, you need to be able to be squeaky clean.

When doing week-long sessions in the Holy Trainer, I used to carry with me some q-tips in a travel case and even a little dropper bottle. When I had to go pee, I would use the swabs to line up my urethra with the opening of the cage to make sure everything came out correctly. Inevitably, when some pee would leak back into the cage, I would use the dropper bottle to flush out the inside of the tube with clean water.

Even carrying swabs and water with me, I still had to completely remove the cage every two days to shower and completely dry off.

But now!

The Kink3D Cobra Cage is too good. Clean-up is super easy. No way for pee to really build up. I can keep on the Cobra while showering and I don’t have to take it off to try. I can just fit my towel in between the cage and do a decent job of keeping everything dry.

If do need to do a more thorough cleaning, a small water dropper bottle is good enough. Total removal is not required! That’s how it should be. The less a chastity device is removed, the less temptation there is to quit early. I know that in my experience, taking it off for a rest makes me want to leave it off for all afternoon. Maybe also all evening. You know what, maybe also just this night.

The Next Step

The current goal with my wife and I is to go for three months while caged. The real goal is a year, but for now, let’s just say it’s three months. With the Kink3D Cobra, I find myself actually pulling it off. I am just finding it significantly easy. The nylon that it’s made out of is super comfortable. Nothing rough, or sharp edges.

The current cage that I have right now fits me perfectly. Sure it’s not a custom device like Mature Metal or the other custom brands, but it’s pretty darn close. There are so many combinations, that I am sure that you’ll find something that fits you. There is a size guide on the Kink3D website, so check it out here.

I honestly don’t find myself being able to pull off long-term wear with any other cage at the moment. I want to be proven wrong, but that’s going to take more experimenting for me to find out.

Have any questions no one else can’t answer? Ask them here in the comments!

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  1. Ferd Boerfle says:

    I’ve heard about other 3D printed devices that the printing process makes the surface noticeably rough, like fine-grain sand paper. How is the surface on the Cobra device?

    • Raiden says:

      It’s smooth. It doesn’t have that eggshell finish that some early 3D-printed devices used to have.

      It’s not like glass though. More like matte black.

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