New Custom Holy Trainer v3


Come read my review of the Holy Trainer v3.

The Holy Trainer company finally started doing extra custom features such as mixing special colors, adding a sticker/badge, and some other extra stuff not previously mentioned. The inclusion of all of these features makes it feel like the device that you order is yours. My favorite feature so far is the inclusion of a permanent “badge” that can have any custom text or picture.

How awesome is that? If you want to show how devoted you are to your keyholder–or really anything else–in private. Chastity has a strong psychological aspect that goes hand-in-hand with being physically locked up. The main goal of being locked in chastity is to surrender control to someone else [usually the keyholder]. Having an opaque device makes it so that the wearer can’t see their own penis, further strengthening the psychological aspect of being in a lockup.

My Custom Device

For my device, the Holy Trainer company sent me a custom color-mixed translucent pink device. Since I’m not the most creative person, I chose the word slave.

Having a custom message has unlimited potential. Some ideas for the badge:

  • Keyholder’s name
  • Slave
  • A Release Date

With custom coloring, you can decide to design your device to be opaque or translucent, and make it any color you or your keyholder desires. Aren’t you bored of having every single sex toy exist as just black, pink, or purple? Personally, I like this bright pink color since it really stands out. I plan on going to a “club” of sorts with my partner and this color might be something that will stand out.

The possibilities are endless. I am sure that given enough creative juices, you can come up with something great.


If a regular Holy Trainer device did not convince you, I hope that a fully custom device will convince you. The Holy Trainer company does not make devices that are as custom, like other metal chastity device companies, but they are definitely becoming the best premium chastity company. Though they are in the triple digits in terms of pricing, they are the best off-the-shelf chastity device.

It’s still off the shelf, even if you can get it super custom.

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