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Prostate massagers are usually something that only “adventurous” people try. I consider myself adventurous and have discovered that this is one of the greatest prostate toys there is on the market [that does not vibrate].

When the word prostate toy comes to my mind, I think of some toy that vibrates that has a bend to stimulate my prostate. The Aneros Helix is not that toy. The way it’s “powered” is by the contractions of the anal sphincter. Every time you contract your sphincter, it moves slightly and applies pressure in the prostate. Ultimately, the goal of this toy is for you to reach a prostate orgasm.

I receive the Aneros Helix (Trident) free of charge from Aneros for review purposes. All words here are mine. Thanks Aneros!

This specific toy is from the Trident series. The Trident series has a newer design. The tabs that press on the perineum are much smoother than the old design. In the old design, there was a common gripe that the dime-shaped tab pressed too hard and was a bit painful to use.

First Things First

Getting to a prostate orgasm through this toy alone is a bit difficult. It is really time consuming and you have to be in the right mindset to actually achieve it. Out of the many times I have attempted to reach an actual prostate orgasm, I’ve only reached it once. I really have tried it many times and out of the many times, my sessions were on average about an hour ish each and only once out of the tens of times that I tried.

If you search around the internet, there are guides on how to use the Aneros massager. From what I have gathered, using such a device requires a great deal of preparation and to be in the right mindset. If you feel that you cannot put in the dedication, it might not be something that you want to try. Years ago when I first started getting into prostate play, I bought myself the Aneros Progasm and the Helix (and older version). Almost all of the reviews tended to be on the negative side since not many people have the dedication into reaching a prostate orgasm. It wasn’t until I tried it myself that I saw what people meant.

First Impressions

The Aneros Helix is a solid single piece. There are no moving parts and it appears to be fairly indestructible. The plastic that this toy is made out of is body safe and non-porous. Seeing as how it is plastic, there are absolutely no seams–which would be uncomfortable for an anal toy.

The toy itself is small–relatively speaking. It would be perfectly okay for someone new to anal play.

Why doesn’t it have any moving parts? You do not thrust this toy. Once inserted, you are supposed to control the toy using anal contractions. These contractions end up stimulating the prostate little by little. As you clench, the toy is pulled further into the body just a tiny bit; relax, and it comes back out.

Years ago when I first started getting into prostate play, I bought myself the Aneros Progasm and the Helix (and older version). Almost all of the reviews tended to be on the negative side since not many people have the dedication into reaching a prostate orgasm. Because the Helix appears to be small, I sprung for the Progasm since it was one of the biggest toys that Aneros had.

Comparison between the Helix and the Progasm

My Experience

It can really be discouraging to be unable to achieve a prostate orgasm after having tried so many times. Personally, I have tried tens of times, and I have only reached a prostate orgasm once. It is not easy. It is time consuming–requiring a good chunk of time out of your day just for this activity. Additionally, one has to be in the right mindset; preferably, having gone days without sex or masturbating to have maximum arousal.The one time that I did reach that prostate orgasm was very memorable. I remember that I tried almost every other day for quite a while. I have to admit that I was frustrated, that it took so long to reach it. I had to go several days without orgasm just to put myself into that mindset that I would be able to reach it.

A prostate orgasm makes my entire body shake. I hear that it is different for everyone—for me, it was making my entire body shake (or quiver. What’s the right word here). It’ is miles better than a regular penile orgasm. A regular orgasm is just like a sneeze, it comes and goes in less than a couple of seconds. But a prostate orgasm? It lasted me what felt like minutes. Every single second is just amazing. No, I did not ejaculate like a regular orgasm. But I didn’t need to. Just as soon as my “big O” was over, I felt like I didn’t have to ejaculate at all. This was amazing enough.

My only gripe with this toy is the fact that a prostate orgasm does not come and easy and it does not happen every time. This is not really the fault of the toy, but of my body. If the body could be wired a bit better to get one much more frequently, that would be great.

If you wear it during sex or masturbation, it enhances a regular orgasm. So even if you don’t manage to achieve a prostate orgasm, an enhanced orgasm is still great. I find myself using it once in a while during sex; to me it makes a huge difference and makes the ending much more greater.

Comparison of the Helix, Progasm, and the Njoy Pure Plug 2.0

Care and Storage

You can use almost any type of lubricant. None of the lubricants will degrade the toy at all.

Warm water and soap is pretty sufficient after every use. Every once in a while though, it is a good idea to completely sterilize it with a bleach solution. I have not tried to boil it, so I am not sure if it would survive being boiled in hot water.

Store it however you’d like.

Conclusion (tl;dr)

If you can get this toy to work for you, it is the greatest toy [or tool] in the world. There is dedication required, but the payoff is completely worth it. If a prostate orgasm cannot be reached, an enhanced orgasm is still pretty great. I would recommend it for anyone looking to adventure into prostate play.

Where to Buy

Aneros Official Site | SheVibeEarly2Bed | GoodVibes | LoveHoney

Aneros Helix Trident Prostate Stimulator

Aneros Helix Trident Prostate Stimulator

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