Review: Aneros Progasm

Prostate toys are fun. The stimulation found in prostate toys is something that unfortunately not many people have the bravery to try out. It bums me out that people find prostate stimulation to be sort of a taboo—so many people are missing out and don’t even know how great this could be. I consider myself open-minded and adventurous; the Aneros toys is something that I just had to try.

First Things First

The ultimate goal of prostate stimulators is to achieve a prostate orgasm. Prostate orgasms are unequal to regular orgasms; they’re better. The downside is that they’re hard to achieve. I heard. Before buying the Progasm years ago, I did my research and looked at other reviews around the internet. Many of the negative reviews found on these toys are of people who were unable to achieve a prostate orgasm. In all the time that I have used the Aneros toys, I have only achieved a prostate orgasm like once.

The one time that I did reach that orgasm, I had spent like an hour or two just to get there. It is time-consuming and I had to set aside a large chunk of my time to make it work. Keep in mind that you will have to be dedicated to reach it.

First Impressions

The Aneros Progasm among the larger of the Aneros line of toys. It is a single piece of hard plastic that seems to be indestructible. Like all the other great Aneros toys, there are no seams which is imperative in anal toys; that would definitely hurt in anal play…

The Progasm was actually my first toy since I wanted to go for the biggest toy. Purely preference, I assumed that the bigger toy would give more stimulation. Now that I have tried both the Helix and the Progasm, I found this to be semi-true. Each toy has its advantages and disadvantages, sometimes I like to use the smaller toy rather than the larger.

The best part about the Aneros toys is that they don’t use batteries! There are no moving parts. This is a relief as one of my favorite prostate toys sometimes runs out of charge. This toy is powered by the contracting one’s own sphincter. As one tightens up, the toy is pulled into the body which makes the tip stimulate the prostate.

My Experience

It is discouraging to not be able to get a prostate orgasm. Now that I have felt one, it’s frustrating to not be able to reach it almost every time. I don’t try often, but in the times that I have, I have reached it exactly once. It is time-consuming. Really time-consuming.

The only way I am able to reach such an orgasm is to be in the right mindset.

How did it feel? Let me quote my last review for the Aneros Helix:

A prostate orgasm makes my entire body shake. I hear that it is different for everyone—for me, it was making my entire body shake (or quiver. What’s the right word here). It’ is miles better than a regular penile orgasm. A regular orgasm is just like a sneeze, it comes and goes in less than a couple of seconds. But a prostate orgasm? It lasted me what felt like minutes. Every single second is just amazing. No, I did not ejaculate like a regular orgasm. But I didn’t need to. Just as soon as my “big O” was over, I felt like I didn’t have to ejaculate at all. This was amazing enough.

For me, it just does not work every single time. I wish it did, but that’s just not how prostate orgasms work, unfortunately.

I love wearing it during sex though. It enhances regular orgasms greatly and it is sometimes worth wearing it almost every time. I wear it often during sex or masturbation; it just feels great. So even if you don’t use it for its intended use of reaching a prostate orgasm, you can use it as a regular orgasm enhancer.

Comparison of the Helix, Progasm, and the Njoy Pure Plug 2.0

Care and Storage

You can use almost any type of lubricant. This type of plastic is resilient and it will not be degraded by any type of lubricant.

Warm water and soap are sufficient to keep it clean if you’re the only one using it. I haven’t tried sterilizing it with bleach or hot water, so it is not something I would recommend doing.

Store it however you’d like.

Conclusion (tl;dr)

If you have dedication, it’s worth getting to reach that prostate orgasm. It truly feels amazing. If you’re not willing to try, it’s still worth to get as an orgasm enhancer.

Where to Buy

SheVibe | Aneros Official Site |  Early2Bed | GoodVibes | LoveHoney

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