Review: Crystal Delights Frosted Delights Plug

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The Crystal Delights Frosted Delights Plug is my first time ever trying a glass plug. For my first glass toy, I definitely wanted to be sure that I was using a 100% body-safe glass plug. Crystal Delights is one of the best companies for body-safe toys. For those of you who are not familiar, Crystal Delights is a company that makes hand-made borosilicate glass toys with Swarovski crystals in most of their products.

The Crystal Delights Frosted Delights Plug was given to me free of charge from Crystal Delights for review. My review and opinion are completely honest. Thank you Crystal Delights!

First Impressions

When I first laid my eyes on the Frosted Delights Plug, I thought that this was a work of art, not a sex toy. My first impulse was _DSC1781to put it on display rather than to put it in me. At the base of the plug is an embedded Swarovski crystal which can light up the room in a rainbow of colors if the sun hits it right. This plug is a sculpture that you can expect to find in an art museum.The plug itself arrived in a rolling cloth case in a small box with a good amount of padding to protect itself during the shipping process. The cloth case is adequately padded and is super convenient since the plug is not meant to be stored by standing it on its base (the crystal is more fragile than the plug).

Admitting the fact that I do like large plugs, I was surprised to discover that the size of this plug did not deter me from loving it. This plug is one of the thinnest plugs that I own with a bulb diameter of about 1.3″.

Picture of the Crystal Delights Frosted Delights Plug

“You belong in a museum”

My Experience

Frosted Delights plug with lubricant applied.

The transparent effect looks better in person

The Frosted effect is gorgeous. When the plug is wet with lubricant, it becomes somewhat transparent and is very pleasing to the eye. Of course, it looks even better if it is placed in the sun to enhance the colors from the Swarovski crystal.

Inserting the plug required almost no preparation, just lubricant; I used Sliquid H2O in this case. Once inside, I was able to comfortably walk around the house. I was amazed that the base sat comfortably between my butt. Whether I was sitting or standing and walking, the base was snug and I experienced no discomfort at all.

Since the Frosted Delights plug has a small bulb, I did not feel a “full” sensation like other larger plugs make me feel. Although it didn’t give me the full feeling, the plug did make its presence known. I personally love plugs with big bulbs, so I felt a little let down that the Frosted Delights did not satisfy that side of me. I feel that a larger bulb would hit my prostate and would make me enjoy it more. Sadly, the Frosted Delights plug does not sate my prostate’s need.

I found that the small bulb was great for wearing for a long time. The neck of the plug is thin enough that my sphincter does not have to stay stretched open; there is no fear of it falling out due to the size of the bulb being the minimum size to prevent such a thing happening. Due to its small size, if wearing for a long time, most of the sensation isn’t really there compared to larger plugs. I used it for about four hours during a trip to the grocery store. During my longer-than-usual use, the water based lubricant that I was using dried out and caused an uncomfortable chafing. The base is only comfortable when it is wet. Using water-based lubricant with this plug for long term use is a bad idea since it can dry out quickly. If you would like to use it for a long time, then silicone or oil based lubricant is a must.

Care and Storage

The Crystal Delights Frosted Delights Plug is hand-made with borosilicate glass. With glass, always inspect the toy to make sure that there are no chips, cracks, or any kind of breakage. If you see any chips or cracks, it is not safe to use and it should be discarded.

With all glass toys, avoid dropping it at all. Even though borosilicate glass may be able to handle a drop, it is best not to try.

To clean the plug, you can use soap and water, or a 10% bleach solution for sterilization. Crystal Delights recommends against boiling it in water since it can damage the Swarovski crystal embedded in the base. It is important to thoroughly clean the base with the crystal since fluids can stay within the ridges of the crystal.

Picture of the Frosted Delights' Swarovski Crystal

The Swarovski Crystal looks much better in person.


Conclusion (tl;dr)



  • Comfortable base makes for a comfortable plug
  • A beautiful work of art
  • Will last a lifetime with proper care



  • Base is uncomfortable when dry
  • Might be too small for some
  • Does not satisfy my prostate


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Where to Buy

Crystal Delights

MSRP: $99.95

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