Review: Crystal Delights Plug

I have written in the past about the beautiful pieces of art that Crystal Delights make. Glass toys in general always catch my eye. Crystal Delight’s Swarovski crystal catches the light just right—changing color depending on how the light hits it.

First Impressions

I had ordered the most massive plug carried by Crystal Delights. It is not the biggest plug I own, but it is enormous compared to my first ever plug I got from them.

Out of all the plugs I have ever used in my rear, the glass plugs by Crystal Delights are the most beautiful. Of course, it is best appreciated when a partner wears it, since you can then admire it. You’re certainly welcome to wear it yourself, but then how will you know that you’re wearing such a beautiful plug?

Immediately, you’ll notice that this plug is not pointy. It is rounded to the point where you have no risk of hurting yourself if you insert it at an angle. Some butt toys are not great in this department. If you’re sitting down with this toy in, you can rest assured that you will be comfortable the whole time. I’m talking about the inside part; we can talk about the base a bit later on.

My Experience

This plug is super smooth; it’s made out of smooth glass, so all you need is a drop or two of silicone lube. The large round bulb makes its presence known immediately—it feels incredible. For prostate owners, the bulb rocks on the prostate the whole time. It’s not a prostate-specific toy, but it is large enough to feel it at all times.

The Base

The base is not the ideal shape. It’s not soft like some silicone toys, and it is not narrow like some long-term plugs. The round base can get uncomfortable at times. Fortunately, the base has rounded edges—it’s like a donut.

Because of the not-so-amazing shape of the base, this toy is not ideal for long-term use. If you have read my other reviews, then you’ll know that I love wearing butt toys for the long-term. Hours at a time and even overnight on multiple occasions.

For the ideal long-term butt plug, it needs to have a comfortable base, slim neck, and round bulb. This toy only meets two out of the three requirements. The base is the combo breaker, unfortunately.

An appreciation for Glass

Glass is super-smooth. It will never retain odors and will not drag. If you’ve used other butt toys made out of silicone, you’ll know that silicone holds onto smells too well. Despite washing silicone toys, it takes some time for the smell to go away completely. Glass will never do that to you.

The smoothness of glass also means that you don’t need copious amounts of lubes to achieve insertion. Same as with my metal Njoy plugs, very little lube is required for it to feel comfortable. You can’t possibly get away with so little lube when using silicone—silicone is often too draggy, causing more friction than glass or metal.

Final Thoughts

Glass and metal are my favorite materials for anal toys. I personally am not a fan of the butt smell; I don’t know many people who are. With the small amounts of lubricant required, it’s very possible to wear this toy for many hours at a time. Of course, something you’d have to decide is whether you find the base comfortable or not.

I do wish to get a glass display case, where I can show off the plug to the world. If only I use it, how can anyone else appreciate its beauty?


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