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Why use chastity? A chastity device usually prevents access to one’s own genitals. I think I have a chastity fetish, meaning that I get off on the idea of not getting off.

Wearing a chastity device relinquishes control [to someone else]. It prevents the wearer from being able to touch their genitals and causes them to be at the mercy of their partner. Over time, the wearer would do almost anything to get out. In my personal life, I like giving control to my partner—allowing her to be the dominant in our relationship. In a way, a chastity device allows our relationship to become a D/s relationship upon use. The person being locked is generally submissive and this person gives the key to their keyholder (the dominant). For our chastity play, I bought the Holy Trainer v2, a common “off-the-shelf” chastity device.

Before, I bought many cheap chastity devices off of eBay to see if I would get into chastity. The average price of a cheap eBay (or AliExpress) chastity device is anywhere from $10-$40 USD. It’s important for one to experiment and see if they’ll want to invest in a more expensive serious chastity device. The higher quality devices start at $150 USD and can go higher.

The Holy Trainer v2 is a premium chastity device. This device is my first “serious” purchase. The Holy Trainer v2 and the CB-6000 are some of the more popular off-the-shelf chastity devices around. Off-the-shelf here means that they are devices that are pre-built as a sort of “one size fits all.” The only leeway one has in terms of size fitting are two different sets of tubes (the small and large) and four different sizes of rings ( 36mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm). Everyone has unique measurements, so these eight distinct combinations of sizing rings and tubes might not fit perfectly. Perfect fit in chastity devices is crucial since a chastity device should always be comfortable to wear—especially if one is planning to wear it in the long-term.

The opposite of an off-the-shelf device would be a fully custom device. The popular custom devices are often made from metal and can have every single measurement made to one’s own exact fit. Since they have complete customization, they will offer the best fit and the best comfort for long-term (even [tooltip text=”permanent” gravity=”nw”]Permanent chastity is a fantasy that some chastity enthusiasts desire.[/tooltip]” use). The biggest con for some would be the fact that custom devices can cost up to $400 USD and even more; though it is a worthwhile investment.

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First Impressions

Just holding it, the contrast in quality between a eBay device and the Holy Trainer is like night and day. Cheap devices feel light and kind of flimsy; their plastic usually feels super light. The Holy Trainer on the other hand feels durable and solid. Both the ring and the tube feel like they can take any kind of impact and they will be fine. I do not fear for the tube splitting in half like some cheap devices that have a tendency to do so. The material is advertised as a “bio-resin”; I could not find much information on this material, but I’ll have to assume that it’s a plant-based resin.

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The internal lock has to be one of the most ingenious ideas I’ve ever seen in a chastity device. One of the main issues with many chastity devices is the fact that the padlock bounces around when the wearer walks around with it. If using metal devices, it can make an audible clink every time the wearer takes a step. Some users have resorted to wrapping the padlock in rubber bands or covering it with something to prevent this. The internal Magic Locker (as the manufacturer calls it) avoids this issue by being fully integrated into the device.

Picture of the holy trainer v2 ring

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This chastity device is a ball-trap style device. What this means is that the device relies on behind held on by the testicles. As a ball-trap device, these types of devices have been known to be a bit painful when having an erection. The ring design has an ergonomic design that is not round (as seen in other devices). Round rings aren’t always comfortable since the male genitals aren’t round themselves. The Holy Trainer v2 ring shape allows for someone to wear this device comfortable without hurting the scrotum. There is a side cut-out for the testicles to be held comfortably.

My Experience

Before I go on, I must state one of the most important “rules” of chastity devices: the chastity device should be the smallest possible size that can still be comfortably used. This is important because a snug fit must be used when the penis is flaccid and in chastity. This is to suppress erections and to prevent escaping from the device.

The device is slightly difficult to get on at first. Because of the nature of the device, one must be completely flaccid before putting it on. It can be difficult to put on since the penis might not always fit through the tube without any help such as a bit of lotion.

Once the device is on comfortably, it was difficult to tell that I even had it on. The most that I  have worn this chastity device is about eight days straight. An important test to know if a device is good is to test if one is able to sleep comfortably with it on. I am happy to say that this device passes the test. One of the biggest discomforts with this device is waking up with an erection and having this device on. What happens is that en erection pushes the device forward causing more strain on the testicles—this causes pain on the scrotum where the ring is pulling on leaving a red mark around that area if there is no lotion or coconut oil to ease the strain.

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Walking around with it all day, it’s hard to notice at times. Of course, I know that it is there—it’s just that it does not cause any discomfort to me. The fact that there is no padlock is great! There is no noise as I walk around and the device all around is low-profile. There is no noticeable bulge from the outside and no one but me and my partner can tell that I have it on.

A huge gripe with the Holy Trainer is cleanliness. The tube covers the entire penis and only has two ventilation holes and one center hole for urination. If I try to urinate with the device on, I have to sit down to do so. No matter how well I try to line up my penis with the urination hole, some will always leak back into the tube no matter what I do. I carry with me a box of cotton swabs and a bottle that squirts out water. This is a requirement for me (and from others from what I hear). If I do not do this, the device will get dirty instantly. On top of doing so, I have noticed that I have to take off the device every three days to fully clean myself. Yes I can wear it in the shower, but I am not able to completely get everything clean. The only way to be clean while wearing a chastity device would be to using a custom metal device (which is usually open and allows easy access to clean the penis).

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Conclusion (tl;dr)




  • Comfortable ring for an off-the-shelf device
  • Integrated lock is amazing
  • Extremely durable and tough
  • Comfortable for long-term use


  • Cleanliness isn’t easy
  • One size does not always fit all

The Holy Trainer v2 is a great off-the-shelf chastity device. It has an overall super comfortable fit that isn’t found in other cheaper off-the-shelf devices. During long-term wear, it is hardly ever noticeable that I am actually wearing it. Although it is not something that I would wear for multiple weeks or months at a time, it is a device that I can wear for multiple days at a time. I have to admit that I actually enjoyed wearing the Holy Trainer. There was no pinching or discomfort for 99% of the time that I was wearing it. If you are someone that wants to buy a super comfortable device but don’t want to shell out $300+ for a custom device, the Holy Trainer is the device for you.

Where to Buy

Holy Trainer Official Site

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