Review: KINK3D Cobra N+ Chastity Cage

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  1. maria pinksissy says:

    Thank you for this review. I have tried at least 10 other chastity devices but there was always something.
    The plastic ones broke, or the the cage split in half or the rings broke. The metal ones daeged my skin and although
    my Mistress and i are certain i will never youse anymore for anything else than peeing and a sissygasm, i dont want tto loose it.
    After reading your review i ordered one size small and maybe in the futures an even smaller one.. Our choice is The Cobra Double Cuff Pink because my Mistress insist on me wearing pink. We do hope i can wear it for very long periods.

    • Raiden says:

      I believe this one may be a knock-off of the Kink3D device. My review is on the original Kink3D Cobra, so any other knock-off may present a different user experience.

  2. Jack says:

    Very helpful & practical review for me, as I’m trying to learn and find a cage I can manage to get on & not think about or be distracted by.

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