Review: KINK3D Cobra N+ Chastity Cage

I have looked all over the place for the “best” chastity cage in existence. The consensus, according to other chastity connoisseurs, is that the best devices are those by Mature Metal—or other custom makers. I have tried the Jailbird by Mature Metal myself. I haven’t written a review for it. Yet. Now that I have used the Kink3D X-Lock Cobra, I have found what could be the best chastity cage in existence.

This device has been given to me free of charge by Kink3D for reviewing purposes. This does not affect my personal opinion.
kink3d cobra chastity cage on display

The Kink3D Cobra

First Impressions

As of now, Kink3D only makes the X-Lock Cobra Chastity Cage in black. I tried a matte black Cobra cage. It’s 3D-printed and very comfortable to the touch. Though it is printed, it feels extremely durable. I’ve tried just squeezing it with my hand, and I am certain that I’ll be unable to break it if I try.   It is very open, meaning that it appears to be able to be worn for the long term. Points for not being a closed tube; unlike other devices that are difficult to clean. When doing long-term chastity, hygiene is the biggest factor for me (and it should be for everyone else!). With an open cage, it just looks super easy to clean at first glance. It’s like an exoskeleton for your penis. Let me talk about how light it is—It feels like it weighs nothing, yet that fact does not impact its strength.

3D printing is a hobby of mine. One thing you’ll see in traditional FDM printing is layer lines. FDM, fused deposition modeling, is when a nozzle lays out plastic in small layers—usually about 0.20mm. This creates layer lines on the 3D-printed object. You won’t see that in this cage. It looks perfect to the touch. The Kink3D does not make its manufacturing process public information. Whatever it is, it’s really good. It has a matte/muted gloss finish. Completely smooth all around with no seams or lines anywhere on the cage.

The lock seems very unobtrusive. It uses the same magic padlock as the Holy Trainer v3 and Holy Trainer v4. I’m glad that this de facto standard is used in multiple devices—this way I can use a single lock for any device that I am wearing, and give my partner a single key.

The Kink3D Cobra Cobra Cage is not a custom device. But there are so many sizes available, it might as well be custom. The amount of cages available is insane! I’m accustomed to seeing a company offer only three cage sizes: small, medium, and large. In the case of the Holy Trainer company, you have an extra two sizes: nano and nub. The Kink3D company offers eight standard cage sizes along with several girth sizes in each cage. This totals to an offering of 19 sizes! Yes, everyone’s body is different and not all cages are one-size-fits-all, but having so many cage sizes gets pretty close. I worked closely with the Kink3D team to make sure that I would find a cage that would fit perfectly for me.


This is important. A perfect-fitting chastity device is crucial to making long-term “happen.” By having something that fits snugly, you can have a great chastity experience for long-term use. According to my sizing, I got the N+ size. As I go on about my day, I can barely tell I’m wearing a chastity cage. If you’re wearing a cage that’s:

  • Too lose? The penis is going to jingle around while moving. Because it’s a ball-trap style device, the cage can slip off throughout the day
  • Too tight? It’ll be almost impossible to put on. If it’s on, it can cut off circulation or potentially cause damage

My goal of the Cobra Cage is to wear it for the long term. So I spent a fair amount of time choosing my size, taking measurements—making sure I pick correctly the first time. Don’t be afraid to spend multiple days at multiple times of the day to get different flaccid measurements. It needs to be near perfect for maximum comfort.

My Experience

I have been wearing the Kink3D Cobra Cage for far too long. I like doing long-term sessions, and this is the perfect device for that. My N+ feels like I’m wearing nothing at times. That’s the best part about this cage. I can sleep comfortably. Usually, other devices have me waking up in the middle of the night—making me fully aware that I’m caged. The Cobra doesn’t do that! It’s my perfect size.

I usually go for month-long terms. That’s my longest session so far. I’ve been trying to go for longer, but it’s not easy for me. Yet. Part of the reasons for cutting my sessions short is due to things like hygiene, or just discomfort during sleep.

In these long terms, I wore the Cobra Cage for several days non-stop. Because it’s an open cage, hygiene is very easy. Yes, I did take breaks almost every 3-4 days, but only because I needed to take a break. If I needed to, I felt that I could easily go much longer. Three months is my next goal. I’ll have to see what my partner says…

This is the cage that will enable me to push my limits. I’ve always wanted to go a full year caged. Ever since I started getting into chastity, I have thought of this as the ultimate fantasy. As previously mentioned, uncomfortable cages have prevented this from becoming a reality. With the Kink3D Cobra Cage, I hope that this is the solution I’ve been looking for. As I go on my journey for my one-year goal, I’ll be updating everyone with my progress on my Twitter and this blog.

I think it has been said many times, no chastity device is truly inescapable. The Cobra Cage chastity is a ball-trap style device. That means that it stays on by trapping the testicles behind a ring. No matter how well fit the device is, it’s always possible to escape. You need to just suspend your disbelief for a bit when locked with almost any chastity device.

Conclusion (tl;dr)

The Kink3D Cobra Cage is the must-buy must-wear best chastity device of all time [so far].

This is it.

Its near-bespoke design and fit just offer so many options, that you’re bound to find the perfect size that will fit you. Based on my experience, it’s leagues better than other metal cages. The light material makes you forget you’re wearing anything at all. You don’t need to buy a fully bespoke cage, the current offerings cover 99% of all penis sizes. The website offers a pretty thorough guide on the sizes as well as the proper ways of choosing the correct ring and cage. If they don’t have your size, you can always contact them on their site and get more help. I honestly don’t see myself buying anything else any time soon.

3 Responses

  1. maria pinksissy says:

    Thank you for this review. I have tried at least 10 other chastity devices but there was always something.
    The plastic ones broke, or the the cage split in half or the rings broke. The metal ones daeged my skin and although
    my Mistress and i are certain i will never youse anymore for anything else than peeing and a sissygasm, i dont want tto loose it.
    After reading your review i ordered one size small and maybe in the futures an even smaller one.. Our choice is The Cobra Double Cuff Pink because my Mistress insist on me wearing pink. We do hope i can wear it for very long periods.

    • Raiden says:

      I believe this one may be a knock-off of the Kink3D device. My review is on the original Kink3D Cobra, so any other knock-off may present a different user experience.

  2. Jack says:

    Very helpful & practical review for me, as I’m trying to learn and find a cage I can manage to get on & not think about or be distracted by.

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