Review: Sir Richard’s Element MS Vibrating Sleeve

The Sir Richard’s Element MS Vibrating Sleeve is a vibrating sleeve for use with a penis. This vibrating sleeve is intended to provide direct stimulation to the most sensitive part of the penis–the glans. As the manufacturer states, you’re supposed to use it to give a “hand job” with it.

The Sir Richard’s Vibrating Sleeve was given to me free of charge from Eden’s Toy Store for review. My review and opinion are completely honest. Thank you ETS for the opportunity.
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First Impressions

When I first laid eyes on the Element MS, I first thought: “What’s the point of this? I can just use any vibrator on my penis to get the same effect.” To some extent, this statement is true. But this would require me to hold the vibrator against my glans and concentrate on that. What if I just want an easier experience? The MS Vibrating Sleeve is the solution to this dilemma.

The sleeve is made out of silicone. It has a taco shape meant to wrap around the penis. The flaps are flexible and the vibrating portion is solid. As you may have guessed, the vibrator motor is on the solid portion of the toy meant to make contact with the underside of the glans.

The manufacturer’s intent with this toy is that it be used while masturbating solo or giving a hand job; it’s not really meant for it to be used just staying still. As per the manufacturer’s instructions, you’re supposed to use lubricant with it. Of course, being made of silicone, stick only with mostly any other lubricant except silicone-based.

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The toy itself has super simple controls. Up, Down, Mode buttons and that’s it. Up increases the intensity of vibrations, Down decreases them, and Mode cycles through the four modes that this sleeve has. Honestly, like almost any other vibrating toy, I don’t see myself using modes other than “normal”. The weird pulsing modes just feel gimmicky to me and I get no enjoyment out of it. There is a travel lock feature that prevents the toy from going off; press the Up and Mode buttons for about two seconds and it locks itself. This is super handy if you’re carrying it in a bag somewhere and you don’t want it to go off “accidentally.”

The entire sleeve is sealed meaning that it is waterproof. To charge it, there are two contacts which fit with a magnetic charger that is included. Very conveniently, the charger type is a micro-usb type of port. The charger’s magnetic contacts are essentially worthless. It was insanely difficult for me to keep the toy charged. The magnets have practically no sticking power whatsoever. In order for me to charge it, I had to put something heavy on the charging cable so that it wouldn’t move, and I had to place the sleeve in a certain angle, just so that it would charge. Any small movement to the cable or the sleeve meant that the connection would be broken.

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My Experience

I have only really tried the Element MS Sleeve by myself. I tried it with lubricant and I tried it without. Spoiler: with lubricant is better.

The inside of the sleeve has ridges and a nub (which provides direct stimulation to the underside of the glans). Honestly, the ridges didn’t do much to me. I felt as if the vibrations spread evenly throughout my penis; they didn’t stick to just one area. It really enhanced my solo play sessions. This vibrating sleeve isn’t meant to get me off just by itself; it’s an enhancer. Each stroke with the sleeve felt great. This wasn’t just your ordinary masturbation, this was advanced masturbation.

If I was to compare this sleeve to just using a plain vibrator against my glans, I would prefer this sleeve every time. With a vibrator, all I would have to do is constantly hold the vibrator in place. I’d need both of my hands and I would feel like I can’t really relax all the way. Using this sleeve, I can be laying down, sitting, or any other position and I can relax. The placement of the sleeve’s controls makes it simple for me to adjust everything with the same hand that I am using it.

As I have previously mentioned, I didn’t really use any of the other vibration modes. With its five levels of intensity, I am able to control how quickly I orgasm. If I turn it too high, I feel that my penis gets too sensitive too quickly; almost to the point of being painful. I found that the best way of using this sleeve is to start with th lowest vibration intensity and as I approach climax, slowly turn up the vibration intensity. Once I do orgasm, the vibrations enhance the orgasm.

This is the manufacturer-approved way of using the sleeve as shown on a silicone dildo

Care and Storage

The Sir Richard’s Element MS Sleeve can be cleaned with warm water and soap. Do not boil this to sanitize since it contains electronics. For a deeper clean, use a 10% bleach solution and give it a wipe down with that. Make sure to wash with soap and water after this.

Conclusion (tl;dr)



  • Vibrations that reach everything
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Easy to hold



  • The charger is useless
  • Need stronger magnetic contacts
  • The vibrations aren’t pin-point-y enough to use on the glans


The Sir Richard’s Element MS Sleeve is a really neat masturbation enhancer. If I feel like having an extra-strength masturbation session, I will choose this sleeve to accomplish that. The only horrible flaw with this sleeve is the magnetic charger; it’s useless as it is now. I do wish that they took tips from a far superior one such as the Fun Factory’s charger.

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