Review: Spareparts Joque Harness

The SpareParts Joque Harness is an amazing harness. The first thing that surprised me was the price tag. Coming in at around $120 it seemed expensive. The Joque is just one of those things that you get in person, touch, and try on and immediately see why it has a nice price tag. You can feel the quality. You can feel that it will last a long time. My partner is really into pegging—we know it’s worth spending on something that is going to be used really frequently.



The Joque is a jockstrap-style harness. The materials used in it is mostly Nylon and Spandex. These types of materials combined with the soft-on-the-skin straps make this harness very comfortable to wear. Our first strap-on harness was some really inexpensive thing that was hard plastic and that backpack strap material [the scratchy kind]. This was a huge jump for us and we were honestly surprised that something could be so comfortable!

The main hip strap is secured with a very strong Velcro. After the hip strap is secured, the other straps around the legs are adjusted independently. At first, it might seem super complicated—but once you get the hang of it, it is really easy to adjust. There are so many ways to adjust the harness, that almost everybody can find that it fits them. I was really surprised by just the amount of customization that it had. There are mini adjustment straps on the main straps and just all over the harness. Ideally, you want the harness to be snug, almost tight, definitely not loose.


The Joque harness that I have is the Size A baby blue harness. The harness comes with a stretchy satin-type of storage bag that matches the color of the harness. The only differences between the sizes [A and B] are the size of the leg straps and hip strap. The O-ring size stays the same. You can view a size chart on MySpareParts website by clicking here. The baby blue color is beautiful.

The Joque sports an O-ring that can expand to accommodate dildos from 1.25″ (31.75mm) to 2″ (50.8mm). For me personally, this is super convenient since a 2″ diameter is the limit as to what I can take anally. For those looking to use this harness with larger toys, you might have trouble with the Joque. Refer to the official website to see those measurements. With the O-ring, there are two pouches [above and below the O-ring] which can take a bullet vibrator to give the harness wearer some stimulation while in use. A wonderful inclusion by SpareParts is a flap that closes around the base of whichever dildo will be used. This way, the wearer can be naked and the dildo won’t be making direct contact with the mons pubis.



My partner says that this is one of the most comfortable harnesses she has ever worn. Part of the reason as to why she says this is because the only other harnesses that we have tried have the ugly-feeling backpack-style of nylon straps. They tend to scratch your thighs and generally feel ugh. One thing that helps in the comfort-ability of the harness is the fact that there are a lot of adjustment options. This is the greatest thing since most cheaper harnesses that we have tried only have one way to adjust it; which is only the hip. The Joque allows for hip adjustment, leg/thigh adjustment/ and a fine adjuster for the hip. The Velcro hip strap is solid. It is a large Velcro strap that does not accidentally open up. Actually, it takes some effort to open up the Velcro strap—it won’t be accidentally be undone.

The SpareParts Joque is THE harness for pegging. The only tiny complaint with the Joque is the fact that the base of some dildos hits her mons pubis when using it. It’s not exactly painful, but that’s the only part that can get uncomfortable. As I stated earlier, there is a flap that encloses the dildo so that the dildo doesn’t make direct contact with the skin. For this reason, some users might want to wear underwear and not use the Joque just like that—wearing it nude may be uncomfortable.

Putting aside the issue of the dildo hurting the mons pubis area on some dildos [read: not all], the leg straps are “amazing; almost not there.” Those are my partner’s words, not mine. This is a huge deal because in some harnesses, the leg straps are often the weak point. The weak point I’m referring to is that it might not always “hug” tight to the body. This is fairly important since the ideal harness should make the dildo feel like it is part of the body. When thrusting a dildo with a harness, a great harness will be one that moves the dildo with the body, making it almost like an actual natural appendage.

SpareParts has done an excellent job at making this harness feel natural. According to my partner, “This harness makes the dildo almost like it is coming out of me. It’s not like the other harness we tried [a cheap junky one] where the dildo kept moving around.” She says that when she thrusts, the dildo thrusts with her and it doesn’t lag behind. If worn and set correctly, the harness will feel like just a pair of [jockstrap] underwear (which it is).

Though I was slightly hesitant to pay over $100 for a harness, I am glad to say that you get what you pay for. With the Joque, I am sure that I don’t need to continue looking for another harness. As the SpareParts website says: “’s the only harness you will ever need!” Before buying the Joque, I thought about other harnesses. With the convenience of machine-washability, comfort, and durability; there is no reason why I would choose any other harness.


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