Review: Svakom Siime Eye

This is a video review. I will only write a small summary for the Svakom Siime Eye.

The Svakom Siime Eye was offered to me by Svakom at a heavy discount for review. I am not sponsored by Svakom and the discount has in no way changed or swayed my opinion. My review is 100% mine and honest.

 Conclusion (tl;dw)



  • LEDs are convenient. They light up the inside of the body and allow for great visibility.
  • The controls are thorough and allow for the changing of the vibrations pretty easily.
  • The Siime Eye app allows for taking pictures and videos which can then be sent to anyone.



  • The video is recorded in 480p. This is low for a camera that has been made in the last couple of years.
  • The Siime Eye broadcasts its own wi-fi. The app must connect to this network in order for the app to work. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but you are left without internet access while accessing the Siime Eye through the app.


The Svakom Siime Eye is a camera designed to see the inside of the vagina. The wi-fi capabilities of the Siime Eye allows for the vibrator to be completely wireless and easy to use. I used an iPad to see the footage live and found out that the app was extremely easy to use. In addition to being a camera, it vibrates and can give stimulation while inside the vagina. I have heard through other users of the Siime Eye that they have recorded their cervix during orgasm. The controls allow for many different speeds, levels, and patterns of vibration; however, my partner found most of the other patterns useless and really likes a normal vibration pattern.

Where to Buy


MSRP: $119

[box type=”info” align=”” class=”” width=””]The Svakom Siime Eye is only available on Amazon. Be sure to purchase only through the official seller “Violet Fragrance”

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