Review: Tantus Adam Super Soft

The latest Tantus line of Super Soft toys are very… super soft. These are not exaggeratedly soft, they still have that firmness if you squeeze it—but they are super bendy. This toy is a semi-realistic looking toy. Personally, I don’t mind realistic-looking toys, but I do know that some do.

The Tantus Adam Super Soft was given to me free of charge from LuvToyz(now defunct) for review. My review and opinion are completely honest. Thank you LuvToyz!

It’s Midnight Purple. Get it? This picture taken at midnight.


Insertable Length 7″ Inches (177mm)
Diameter  1.68″ (43mm)
Weight 0.6 lb (273g)
Material Silicone

First Impressions

As soon as I first saw it, I knew that I would like it. It has a curve to it that I knew my prostate (or p-spot) would appreciate. According to the Tantus website, “This toy is perfect for g-spotting or p-spotting.” If you look at the product picture, you’d have to assume for this to be true.

Just by looking at the picture, I had to assume that the head of the dildo is smooth glossy silicone and the shaft of the toy is matte. I was correct in assuming so. I like this fact since the smooth head would allow for smooth entry. For anal entry, I find this as a plus since a good amount of warm-up is required for me.

My favorite feature of the Adam Super Soft is the size. It isn’t huge, not the point where I require like hours of warm-up to allow myself to take it and not too small where I almost feel very little pleasure. To me, I find that this is a perfect size as a daily driver.

My Experience

Minimal warm-up was required on my end four out of five times. The smooth head is amazing. Once lubed up with non-silicone lubricant, it slid in me so easily.  I just wish that all other dildos had that feature—it makes it so much easier to slide in compared to my other dildos.

Since the Adam Super Soft has a curve to it, I inserted it with the curve angled towards my prostate, naturally. I have to admit that I was a tad disappointed in this aspect. The dildo is too “super soft,” the curve didn’t give me any additional sensation. Once inside me, I couldn’t feel the curve too much. I twisted it around while inserted, but I couldn’t find the curve. I don’t think that this is a deal breaker for me; I like prostate stimulation, I still got it even without the curve. For my intents and purposes, the curve was nonexistent.

The texture is just alright to me. The ridge is great—though I only feel it when I’m beginning to insert it. The veins are there for some realism, but they’re not something that you’ll be feeling once inside. To me, if this toy was just made completely smooth, it would’ve felt the exact same way.

I find that it’s “too soft” in the department for holding up the curve but it’s definitely not too soft for anything else. It’s not like some other lower quality silicone dildos that I have tried that it basically can’t be inserted due to it being too soft. When I thrust it, it maintains its solidness.

I do have a ‘Fucking Machine,’ but I have not had a chance to try it on there just yet.

Conclusion (tl;dr)


  • Realistic-looking. Includes urethral slit and coronal ridge. Not everyone’s cup of tea, however.
  • The just-right size for me.
  • The smooth head allows for easy entry




  • Dust-attractor. (Aren’t all silicone toys like that?)
  • The softness defeats the purpose of the curve.


The Tantus Adam Super Soft is a ‘just-right’ toy for me. The smooth head allows for easy entry and is something that I want to see show up in more toys. This is definitely a toy that I’ll be keeping in my nightstand for any spontaneous usage that I want to get out of it.

Where to Buy

SheVibe | Tantus

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