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I’m going to come clean. I have never really tried impact play. I am a newbie to impact play. With my current partner, we are slowly adventuring into this new world of impact play. Owning just a crop and being really creative, it’s a slow but fun journey.

I enjoy all of Tantus’ toys. All of the products that I own by them are in my easy access drawer. With this Dragon Tail, I had to preemptively nail a hook to my wall so that I could hang it up. It just looks like something that belongs on my wall as decoration.

This implement was given to me free of charge by Tantus for review purposes. All of my opinions are completely mine and are unaffected and untouched by the company.
Thank you Tantus!



First Impressions

Another great silicone toy from Tantus. This thing is solidly built (made?) and does not seem “weak” anywhere. Even the thinnest point, which from a distance looks like it can fall off or break easily seems like it’ll never come off.

Giving it a couple of test hits, it is quiet. Truthfully, I was expecting a whoosh sound like the crop makes when I swing it. It does not make sound because of the tip, it is narrow which means that it does not make too much sound.

Tantus’ website advertises something stingy and thuddy. The stingy part is the narrow tail end while the thuddy part is the handle. On top of being stingy and thuddy, the handle is insertable to use like a tail plug. However, I don’t see myself using it as an anal insertable since there is no “neck” to hold on to. I suppose, that this would be something meant for short term and not really intended to be used for long periods of time.

My Experience

This thing hurts. A lot. Even a couple of little light hits hurt. Or maybe, my pain tolerance is horrible—because I can barely stand some light hits. For impact play, my partner and I use a number of 1-10 to say how much we can tolerate. If we are hit with a certain intensity, we call out what number that was on the pain scale. This way, we know how hard a certain strength nets us on the pain scale. If I was to swing a 4 on my crop, using the tail, I would get a 6 or a 7 for me.

I think I have already said that my partner and I are barely exploring impact play. The thuddy section of the Dragon Tail is… thuddy. Being silicone, I think that the Tantus Dragon Tail is great for giving great thuds.

Did I mention that this thing leaves marks on me easily? I am wary of using this on myself since I am a bit squeamish when it comes to impact play. I think I’m going to wait until my partner gets back from her vacation before I can keep going. Or maybe, she’d be more willing to take the dragon tail.

Using it as an insertable, I find this implement akin to a slim dildo. The downside, just like a dildo, it’s not going to really stay inside. One has to be holding it in place, or have some sort of exterior method of keeping it in place if you’re going to be walking around. I really wish it had some sort of “neck” so that the sphincter would have something to hold onto so that I could walk around with it.

I really want to wait a bit more before I can start using the Tantus Dragon Tail to its full potential. I am still in the first couple of stages of impact play and since this toy is a bit too much for me, I find it not recommendable for beginners. However, if you love strong thuds and really sharp stings, this is for you. 

Storage and Maintenance

It’s silicone. So if you are going to be drawing blood, it is best to boil it in water or to use a 10% bleach solution to keep this in tip top sterile shape. Go as hard as you want since I think that this toy is virtually unbreakable.

Store it however you like! If you’re like me, it’s perfectly fine to have it on your wall; it just looks like it belongs there.

Conclusion (tl;dr)



  • Tantus’ description is on point. Stingy and thuddy
  • A 3-in-1 toy. More bang for your buck.
  • Silicone. Almost indestructible.



  • It stings and thud too much for me.
  • Not the absolute best for beginners.


Oh it is good. The Tantus Dragon Tail is going to stay in my impact play kit. My partner likes to be extreme and she is a fan of leaving marks on the body; this is the implement that gets that job done. Though, if you don’t feel like you’re up for more extreme impacts, maybe opt for something that you are more familiar with. Though, if you’re feeling adventurous…

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Where to Buy

Tantus Official Store

MSRP: $29.99


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