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Dual Density Silicone has to be the best invention to come to dildos since the vibrator was invented. The Tantus Gary is a lengthy dildo with a nice dynamic firmness that changes from very soft at the tip to very dense approaching the base. This dildo is made this way to simulate a realistic feel. To add to realism, there is a lot of texture on the dildo similar to a real penis; the urethral slit really sells it.

The Tantus Gary dildo was given to me free of charge from Tantus for review. My review and opinion are completely honest. Thank you Tantus!


First Impressions

The Tantus Gary arrives in the same packaging as all other silicone dildos coming from Tantus: It is a clear plastic shell enclosed in a cardboard box.

The silicone of the Gary is matte. I feel like the girth of this toy is on the slimmer side (or at least it feels that way for me). The very tip of the dildo is super soft and squishy; as you go down the shaft of the dildo, it gradually gets firmer until it is a dense feel at the base. This gradual change of firmness is made with dual density silicone. An important thing that I have to mention is that the dildo is pretty floppy. I can bend it in half completely no problem.

[box type=”info” align=”” class=”” width=””]Dual Density Silicone in a nutshell is a firm core of silicone encased with softer silicone.

I think Tantus got the details of a real penis pretty spot on. The head of the dildo is realistic-looking and even sports the urethral slit. There are veins in the dildo and wrinkles just underneath the glans (in the dildo). Before I go on any further, I’d like to point out that I am a heterosexual male; I would not know what a real penis would feel like [inside me].


My Experience

Despite the fact that the Tantus Gary has texture, I discovered that my anus wasn’t very sensitive nor could distinguish the texture too much. As I slid it in for the first time, I could feel some texture, but it wasn’t as prominent as I thought it would be. It is important to point out the fact that this is not a fault of the Gary. This is simply me being unable to distinguish texture with my body.

I really liked that the tip of the dildoGary6-1 is much more softer than the base. This allowed me to insert the dildo far without hurting near the sigmoid colon (the bend in the colon).

As a prostate owner, I was a little disappointed to discover that the Gary didn’t provide as much prostate stimulation as I wanted. Although I did receive some stimulation, it was little and not as much as I wanted. I feel that the lack of girth and general floppiness on the tip is what contributed to the lack of prostate stimulation. If the tip was a bit sturdier, I feel that it would give me sufficient prostate stimulation.

I feel that this dildo was very receptive to lube (if that makes sense?). As in a little lube went a long way, and I did not have to reapply it throughout my many sessions with the Gary. I really loved the Gary in the sense that I was able to use it for such a long time. Personally, I thrust it anally for quite a while before using it in conjunction with masturbating at the end. Doing this made my orgasms much more powerful and much more releasing (satisfying).


Uses in Pegging

I asked my partner to peg me with this dildo for “testing and review purposes” which she was more than happy to comply with. Due to its slender size, she was able to insert the dildo easily into the o-ring of the Spare Parts Joque (our favorite harness). As I previously mentioned, the soft part of the dildo wasn’t really able to stimulate my prostate directly. However, the texture did slide past it and gave me a small bit of stimulation.

As I previously mentioned, the fact that the tip is soft allowed my partner to get past my sigmoid bend without hurting me. This is great because she was able to go as hard as she wanted without worrying about hurting me. With the length, my significant other was able to go give long hard thrusts without the risk of coming out (for me, good thrusts are done while staying inside me).


Care and Storage

As this is a silicone dildo, the Tantus Gary can be cleaned with hot water and soap. To sterilize, a soaking in bleach solution or boiling is best. Personally, I find boiling  the dildo the easiest way to clean it. I have a dedicated pot for cleaning toys that I got from the grocery store at a cheap price.

Conclusion (tl;dr)



  • Slim girth allows for easy entry without much warmup
  • The texture can be a good thing for those who like it
  • The length is great for anal stimulation



  • The texture just doesn’t give enough sensation. Too subtle for me
  • Dust attractor. Must store in a case or risk dust
  • Too floppy at the tip to give prostate stimulation


The Tantus Gary is one of my favorite pegging dildos. The length and slim girth makes it really easy to use for both the wielder and the receiver (me). I know that dual-density is great  for realism, but I found that I didn’t like it too much due to the fact that the tip was just too soft. It didn’t give my prostate as much pressure as I wanted to. My girlfriend tried it out vaginally (after being sterilized of course) and she agreed with me. To her it felt like “something [like a piece of rubber] going in and out, but with not much feeling.”

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Where to Buy

Tantus | SheVibe

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