Review: Tantus Ryder

The Tantus Ryder is what I would say the definition of a beginner’s butt plug. It gives you a great “full” feeling that one looks for in a plug without the challenge of a larger plug. The bulb of the Ryder is small; and for me, requires hardly any warm up. The great handle design and small neck allow for a long-term comfortable use.

First Impressions

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten this plug; so I don’t remember much about the plugin. What I do remember is that the packaging is very Tantus and is very pretty and classy.

The silicone of the Ryder is of the glossy and shiny variety. One of my favorite features of the Ryder is the fact that the base doesn’t abruptly cut off like some other plugs; the Ryder has a gradual curve. Tantus’ website says it won’t shock the sphincter muscles going in or coming out.” In this context, Tantus is referring to the “shock” that you can get when the anal sphincter suddenly changes in size. For someone who is beginning in anal play [not me], the curved shape will really help in allowing for insertion and removal which is not easy when using larger plugs.


My Experience

I used Sliquid H2O for this plug when using it. For inserting, I discovered that I needed very little warm-up; this was due to the small size of the plug. As in most cases, I am able to take relatively small plugs fairly easily without hurting myself. The larger the plug is, the longer I have to warm-up in order to “open” myself to something larger.

For those who enjoy the “full” feeling that a butt plug provides, I’ll be happy to say that this provides that feeling. I will admit that this is probably the minimum size to feel full when wearing it. The full feeling isn’t too prominent as in other plugs, but it is satisfying and you can always feel it there. The short bulb however does not really touch my prostate [not a deal breaker, but important to note].

Although this isn’t my first butt plug ever (I got my first plug 5 years ago), I really wish that the Tantus Ryder was it. The smooth shape is perfect for the anal beginner.

Personally, I like wearing butt plugs for long-term use rather than for short times or during sex. Generally, I found that the Ryder is okay to wear for long periods of time. My biggest gripe with the Ryder is the fact that the handle of the plug can be uncomfortable at times.. I feel like my butt wants to swallow the plug; since the base is thin and flexible, it kind of goes in and causes the handle to dig into my buttocks and near the entrance. In my case, this happened more often that I would like.

For this plug, I would have to conclude that I cannot wear it for long-term use. Although the bulb and curve of the neck is perfect, the handle is the weak link in this chain. If it had a sturdier longer base, it would probably be more comfortable for me.

Care and Storage

The Tantus Ryder is made from Tantus’ own blend of platinum-cured silicone. Due to the toy being made from silicone, any lubricant except for silicone-based can be used with this plug. If you do attempt to use it for long-term periods of time, use hybrid or oil-based lubricant to prevent the drying out and absorption of the lubricant.

After every use, it is a good idea to wash the plug with soap and warm water. Occasionally, you can sterilize the plug by boiling it or using a 10% bleach solution.

As any other silicone toy, this plug does absorb smells. I recommend leaving it in an open area to air it out or sterilizing completely.

Conclusion (tl;dr)



  • Excellent for a beginner
  • The curve to prevent “shock” is intelligent design
  • The size is great for little warm-up



  • The base can dig in and be painful
  • Dust attractor. Must store in case or risk dust.


The Tantus Ryder is an excellent silicone plug. The small size is ideal for the beginner-intermediate users. It’s not a large plug, but it is sizable. The best part of the plug is the curve near the bottom of the bulb. This curve aids in the removal of the plug; which can be uncomfortable with the bigger plugs.

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