Review: Tenga Flip Zero EV

Have you read my review for the Tenga Flip Zero? This new Flip Zero is the exact [ish] same toy, except with the addition of a vibrator inside of it.

At first glance, it looks like it is an exact copy of the original Flip Zero with the addition of an internal baked-in vibrator. However, there are several changes in between. The greatest thing  about this masturbator is how it charges. Completely wireless charging. There are no complicated parts that I can see from the outside. It looks like it can be used underwater; but I don’t think that’s the case. From the outside, there are some metal contacts where the battery connects to the vibrator motors.

Just like any other Flip Hole that I’ve used, it is a great toy to have on the nightstand—it is something that you can use fairly frequently. However, just like my review of the Tenga Flip Zero, I aim to answer the question: “Is it worth upgrading from my previous model Flip Hole?”

The Tenga Flip Zero EV was given to me free of charge by Tenga Official. All opinions said in this review are 100% mine and are not swayed by anyone else! Thank you Tenga!

First Impressions

If we’re looking at the insides, it is the exact same as the other Flip Zero that I own. Looking at the following comparison pictures, there are several changes in the shapes used to give texture. Personally, the shapes don’t make a difference to me—if I was to do a blind test, my penis wouldn’t be able to tell which toy is which. I know that Tenga makes several other “colors” of the Flip Holes, but so far I only own the black of the original Flip Hole and the white of the Flip Zero.

The battery that powers the motors is part of the piece of plastic that slides off. If the slide isn’t in place, then the motors will not power on. If you wan’t to power off the toy really quick, it’s easier to disengage the slide then it is to press and hold the power button for a couple of seconds.

For the charger, there seems to be two magnets that attach to the toy to keep it in place. Not that it has been an issue for me, but it’s meant to keep the toy from tipping over.

My Experience

Texture is always great for stimulation, but I am just too sensitive. If I use it too fast, I find it almost painful and I have to slow down significantly. The best way that I can describe this sensation overload for me is a very intense tickling that comes out to be painful if it lasts too long for me. There are several times, where I’ll arrive to orgasm too quickly. Personally, I find that arriving too fast isn’t a good thing; though some people are okay with that.

The vacuum suction effect is the cornerstone of the Flip Zero EV. By squeezing the air out of the toy, a suction effect is created that feels amazing. Regardless of added vibration or not, as long as the Tenga toys have suction, I am sold. I believe that for this reason, I could never really enjoy the Tenga Eggs. I like the idea of the Tenga Eggs, but they’re not as amazing as the Flip Holes.

The vibrating motors are loud. I think it is up to personal preference, but I found this way too loud for my tastes. The loudness is 100% worth it. Just wow. The vibrations are something that I did not know where needed—it is one of the greatest things I have ever seen done by Tenga. It is amazing in the most literal sense.

It is amazing though. It is worth the price. The Flip Zero EV feels leagues better than the non-vibration version. Positioning yourself so that the vibration motors touch the underside of the glans is where I got the most satisfaction. I think that every person will get the best result differently.

Storage and Maintenance

It is easy to cleanup. Ish. Once you are done using the toy, rinse it out with cold water and some soap. Using your fingers, work in the soap and give it a good rinse. It is extremely important to wait for the toy to completely dry before you store it. Mold is a thing, and I’ve had the experience with a previous Flip Hole where it absorbed dye from something [that I never found out what].

Once it is completely dry, you can store it in its plastic case. It stores great and it is abstract enough to not look like a sex toy from the outside.

Conclusion (tl;dr)



  • The sensations are great. Especially the suction
  • Super easy to clean
  • The vibrations are super great if you find yourself enjoying vibrations



  • Can give too much sensation if used fast
  • Limited uses. Will not last a lifetime
  • Can degrade easily if not properly taken care of


The Flip Zero is a clear upgrade from regular masturbation. I feel like this toy is a must-have in every person’s nightstand. The vibrations is something that I’ll use literally every single time! As long… as no one can hear me because the motors are super duper loud! Well not that loud, but they are significantly loud. Other than that, it feels miles (or kilometers for our international friends) better than the other Flip Holes that Tenga has put out.

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Where to Buy

Tenga Official Store | Good Vibes

MSRP: $200

Tenga Flip 0 (Zero) EV Vibrating Penis Masturbator - White

Tenga Flip 0 (Zero) EV Vibrating Penis Masturbator - White



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