Review: The Vice Chastity – Mini

I have reviewed the original Vice Chastity quite a while back. The anti-pullout system is a revolutionary feature not seen in any device. When I first reviewed the device, I reviewed the regular device, but found it to be just a bit too big to be comfortable for long term use.

Granted, not every person has the intention of wearing it long-term—but I do. I feel that many devices found in your average sex shop are made with the intention of wearing it for a couple of hours at a time. So when I review a chastity device, I have the full intention of wearing it for a couple of days at a time. Granted, with a plastic semi-closed design–I don’t see myself wearing it a week, max. Though, I do want to set out and find out just how great this device is.

I received The Vice free of charge for the purposes of reviewing it. This fact does not change nor sway my opinions.

First Impressions

The Vice Mini, just like the original, still comes with all the bells and whistles. I love that. You get every sizing ring, spacer, and anti-pullout for any size body. Unlike other devices at this price point, having every size all at once is a great thing when you’re setting out on your chastity adventure.

Personally, I had a weight-loss adventure some time ago where I dropped 90 pounds (40 kg) in about two years. Having the multiple-size rings was helpful. It would’ve sucked to buy a device with one ring, then have to purchase the different size later. I already made a mistake when I purchased my custom metal device. I gave the correct dimensions, but not having it in front of me as well as the weight loss caused me to have an ill-fitting device.


At $159.95, the price seems to be on par with other popular off-the-shelf devices like the CB-6000 (and other CB-X) and the Holy Trainer. Luckily, you can use code UNCHASTE and get it for $20 off making it $139.95. If you are testing out the waters, it’s not a bad idea to spend a bit on a good device. Personally, I own about 4 devices and almost 10 cheap Chinese ones. But honestly, I regret buying many of the cheap ones because they’re so bad, they’re as good as garbage. Having a couple of good ones is better than having many cheap ones in my opinion.

My Experience

The addition of different sizes really helps in the one-size-fits-all. When you buy some device, you want to be assured that it’ll fit your anatomy no matter what. Penises come in all different sizes! It’s interesting to see that not every company includes all sizes, and I wish that more companies would follow suit.

The Vice is comfortable. Wearing it in the short-term, I found it comfortable; sometimes even forgetting that I had it on. However, if I tried using it almost all day, then there is where I had trouble. I just felt like it wasn’t as comfortable as it could be. I did attempt many times sleeping with it, but I don’t feel that this device is excellent for that.

Since this device is similar to the original, I’ll just include this blurb from my original review:

The anti-pullout device is something that you didn’t know that you needed, until you have it. The way that it works is that it acts a bit like sandpaper. The sandpaper texture of the plastic  does a really good job of keeping the penis in place. I tried my best to defeat the device in any way possible. With the anti-pullout enabled, I found it near impossible to escape. Even when my penis was at its most flaccid state, I simply found it impossible to get my penis out of the tube. Note: I was able to escape the device with help. Using lubricant defeats the whole point of the sandpaper texture. The manufacturer’s website suggests to wear it for a long period of time before the sandpaper effect kicks in. I found that this was true as I wore it longer; but I also got the full sandpaper effect right away.

Just How Inescapable?

No off the shelf device is inescapable. But, the Vice is very close to almost nearly inescapable. The ‘sandpaper’ type of grip really keeps you in there, but it won’t keep if your goal is to escape.

Suspend your disbelief for a bit during your chastity session.

Conclusion (tl;dr)



  • Comfortable rings for an off-the-shelf device
  • The anti-pullout should be the standard
  • All size rings and spacers are included
  • Many vent holes for long term use
  • Can be worn without the anti-pullout



  • One size does not fit all
  • Material feels not as sturdy compared to competitors
  • May be more suitable for short-term use for some


If you are someone that wants to venture out into the world of chastity, I think that you’ll find yourself enjoying the Vice. The fact that every size ring is included in the whole package is really getting your money’s worth. When comparing it to other competitors, there are not too many companies that do the same thing. If you’re thinking about getting the CB-6000, skip it and get The Vice instead.

Where to Buy

Locked in Lust

[box type=”success” align=”” class=”” width=””]Use code UNCHASTE to receive $20 off your order of The Vice!

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