Policies and Disclosures

My Blog

This is a completely personal blog that I work on by myself. I offer sex positive guides, honest reviews, and truthful information. I try my best to offer 100% accurate information.

I do participate in affiliate programs with sex toy and sex positive companies to help cover server costs.

Any relationships with affiliates do not affect my opinions. Any personal opinions stated on this blog are solely mine and are not affected by any compensation monetary or otherwise.

Review Policy

  • For my reviews, receiving a product for free does not guarantee a positive review. The only guarantee in my reviews are truthful reviews. If I leave a negative review, I reserve the right to keep it on my blog; I will not remove or change it at the request of the company.
  • I will never link to a competitor’s page in my review, but if I feel it necessary, I reserve the right to compare competitor’s products.
  • I reserve the right to link to a distributor which I have an affiliate account with at the end of each review.
  • I do not review: porn, lubricants, condoms, or toxic toys.
  • Products must be approved by me before they are reviewed.
  • Payment may not be requested for reviewed products. Additionally, they may not be returned.

Sponsored Posts and Advertisement Policies

All sponsored posts and content will be disclosed as “Sponsored”. Such sponsored posts and content may not be sexually explicit. If there are any questions on rate, please feel free to contact me through my contact page.

Using My Content

If you would like to share something interesting that you found on my blog, feel free to use less than 75 words verbatim and do please post a link to the article or content on my blog.

Please do not duplicate my content or re-host it without explicit permission from me.

You may use any photos or infographics from my blog under the following conditions:

  1. You may not crop the image or alter it in anyway.
  2. You must place a link to my blog.
  3. You may not [tooltip text=”hotlink” gravity=”n”]Hotlinking refers to the practice of displaying an image on a website by linking to the same image on another website, rather than saving a copy of it on the website on which the image will be shown.[/tooltip] any of my images.

Although you don’t need my permission to use my quotes as long as you follow my rules, I do appreciate a heads-up via my contact form.