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Review: Tantus Dragon Tail

I’m going to come clean. I have never really tried impact play. I am a newbie to impact play. With my current partner, we are slowly adventuring into this new world of impact play. Owning just a crop and being really creative, it’s a slow but fun journey. I enjoy …

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Review: Ultra Inflatable Position Master

The Inflatable Position Master is a wedge-type of inflatable designed to facilitate the use of new sex-positions. It is very similar to the foam wedges that other companies sell. Using these type of position enhancers can sometimes be seen as a necessity. I found myself always trying to use our …

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Review: Satisfyer Pro

I don’t have the anatomy necessary to use the Satisfyer Pro. The Satisfyer series of toys are clitoris stimulators. For this reason, I had my partner use these toys. For the most part, this review is written mostly by her. The Satisfyers were given to me free of charge by the …

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Review: Svakom Siime Eye

This is a video review. I will only write a small summary for the Svakom Siime Eye. The Svakom Siime Eye was offered to me by Svakom at a heavy discount for review. I am not sponsored by Svakom and the discount has in no way changed or swayed my opinion. …

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