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Review: bVibe Snug Plug 4

This has to be, one of my new favorite butt plugs ever. There are two main different types of butt plugs: those that stretch, and those that make you feel full. Of course there are hybrids, but those are the two main aspects of a butt plug. This one does not stretch you out, but …

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Review: Aneros Progasm

Prostate toys are fun. The stimulation found in prostate toys is something that unfortunately not many people have the bravery to try out. It bums me out that people find prostate stimulation to be sort of a taboo—so many people are missing out and don’t even know how great this …

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Review: Aneros Helix Trident

Prostate massagers are usually something that only “adventurous” people try. I consider myself adventurous and have discovered that this is one of the greatest prostate toys there is on the market [that does not vibrate]. When the word prostate toy comes to my mind, I think of some toy that vibrates that …

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Review: B Swish Bfilled Wireless Plug

I love butt plugs. Almost every butt plug I own is silicone or metal and does not vibrate. Just recently, I got the amazing opportunity to try a wireless butt plug. I’ve tried a regular vibrating butt plug, but this would be my first wireless plug to try. The B Swish Bfilled …

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Review: Tantus Ryder

The Tantus Ryder is what I would say the definition of a beginner’s butt plug. It gives you a great “full” feeling that one looks for in a plug without the challenge of a larger plug. The bulb of the Ryder is small; and for me, requires hardly any warm …

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Review: Split Peaches Taper Butt Plug

The Split Peaches Taper Butt Plug is a plug that required a long warm-up session for me. It is 5.5″ tall and has a diameter of 2″ at its widest point. Although the manufacturer does not assign sizes to their taper plug (since there’s only one taper plug) this would …

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