My Toy Collection

Below is a list of all of the toys that I own.

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  • Items with a star are my favorites.

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  • Items with a thumb down are hated or really disliked.


If I wrote a review for a toy that I own, I will add a link to the review here.


Vibrators are toys with a primary purpose of stimulation for masturbation or for body massages. Anal vibrators are in the category of Anal Toys.

Prostate Toys

Prostate toys are any types of devices intended to stimulate the prostate.

  • Aneros Helix Classic
  • Aneros Progasm Classic


Dildos are phallic-shaped objects used for vaginal or anal penetration.

Anal Toys

Anal toys is a broad category covering toys other than dildos or prostate massagers such as anal beads or probes. Also includes butt plugs.

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Masturbators are toys designed to aid in penile masturbation. They are usually sleeves that simulate vaginal, oral, or anal sex.


Anything in this category are devices/tools/toys used in bondage. Some examples from this category would be rope, restraining cuffs, floggers, and chastity cages.


If it doesn’t fit in the other categories, it will go here.

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  • SpareParts Joque Harness