Review: Tenga Flip Hole Black

The Tenga Flip Hole Black is a somewhat more discreet alternative to the Fleshlight. This is a classy device with a less explicit connotation than a “pocket pussy.” One of the best features about this toy is the variety of textures which offer different sensations throughout the penis.

First Impressions

The first feature that I noticed is that the entrance is discreet; it does not resemble any body orifice in particular.

The second feature, and in my opinion the best, is the fact that the Flip Hole can open in half. This feature excites me since it is a pleasure for a masturbator to have an easy cleanup solution.

Flip Hole Picture with Lubricant

The Flip Hole comes with three sample vials of lubricant. These have varying viscosity for different sensations


The toy comes in two parts. The main body itself and the cap that can slide onto the rails of the body. The cap can be used as a drying stand after the main body is washed. Once the Flip Hole is opened, you can see that there are different shapes every inch or so to give different sensations. When using the Flip Hole, you can choose which half is touching the underside of the penis. On the outside of the masturbator, there are three “buttons” that have different effects such as creating a vacuum effect or applying pressure to different points of the penis.

It surprises me to see such a variety of textures in a masturbator. It allows for a different experience to each person based on penis length and allows the user to control the feeling by using it deeper or with shallow motions.

The included sample pack of lubricants, which are named “lotions,” have varying viscosity and offer different feelings based on the ones you use. The three lubricants range from extra thick to very thin and runny.

My Experience

The texture of the Flip Hole mixed with the included lubricants made me discover new sensations I could never achieve by myself.  Upon first use, I discovered that I had to take it slow, otherwise, the sensation would be too strong on my [tooltip text=”glans” gravity=”sw”]The head of the penis[/tooltip]. Using it too quickly made my penis feel sensitive and I had to stop immediately or it will be too painful to use.  Although a bit disappointed that it gave too much sensation, I was relieved that I had the freedom to adjust it to my needs.

The buttons near the entrance create a suction effect when pressed. This was my favorite function of the Flip Hole since the buttons are near the base of the penis and gave me the best feeling. The lubricants combined with the vacuum effect create an almost air-tight seal which creates a pleasurable sensation for my penis.

In the end, I got the best results by doing slow deep thrusts using the red “real” lubricant, which had a somewhat thick consistency. During use, my penis could feel lots of pleasure, but I was not able to distinguish every individual ridge and bump. Using it for less than ten sessions, I was only a bit dissatisfied that it ended too soon every time.

Care and Storage

The soft part of the Tenga Flip Hole, which makes contact with the penis, is made from Thermoplastic Elastomer. This is a body-safe material, however, it is porous. This means that bacteria and mold can hide in the material despite being cleaned very well. The Flip Hole is not meant to be shared between partners and is only rated for <50 uses.

Tenga Flip Hole and Clip

The Tenga Flip Hole and the clip that holds it together.


For cleaning, slide the cap off and open the device completely. Use warm water and a mild soap to clean the device. For best results, use your fingers to massage the soap inside the ridges to get it thoroughly clean. Using soap and water is the only method of cleaning the device while keeping it functional.

[box type=”error” align=”” class=”” width=””]Do not use bleach or any other cleaning agent other than soap as this can permanently damage the Flip Hole. TPE is not a very durable material.

After washing the flip hole completely, you can dry it by laying the body opened across the cap as shown in the picture below (step 3).

Tenga Flip Hole: After use instructions

Source: Official Tenga Website

Before storing it, make sure it is completely dry. The Flip Hole can absorb smells and dyes, so keep in an odorless area. Personally, I keep it in an enclosed drawer under my desk with silica gel packets.


Conclusion (tl;dr)



  • Has amazing and varying sensations
  • Super easy to clean
  • The buttons allow for different controllable sensations



  • Can give too much sensation if used fast
  • May be hard to use for the well endowed
  • Can degrade easily if not properly taken care of


The Tenga Flip Hole is a definite changeup from manual masturbation. The controllable buttons and unique textures allow interactive pleasure that can be shaped to however you wish. The Flip Hole’s ability to open up is the biggest upside since it allows for good cleanup and the ability for lubricant to be “worked in” the ridges. Although this toy is only rated to be used for up to 50 times, it is well worth every penny.

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