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The LELO Smart Wand is the most powerful and luxurious vibrator I own so far. Although I don’t use vibrators in general as much as my [tooltip text=”SO” gravity=”s”]Significant Other[/tooltip] does, I have discovered that the Smart Wand is really versatile and useful for me. The vibrations are so strong, I can use the wand in combination with other things such as transferring the vibrations to my plug.

First Impressions

The first thing I noticed when I first got the Smart Wand is how beautifully designed the entire device is. The packaging itself is sleek and it is obvious to me that LELO has put just as much thought into the design process for both the packaging and the _DSC1927Smart Wand equally. Upon opening the box, I found the registration card, a manual, LELO toy cleaner, a storage bag and the Smart Wand itself.

The body of the massager is sleek and minimalistic. The head of the massager (and most of the body) is matte white silicone. There is a shiny silver plate on the handle with the LELO logo. Personally, I am a fan of minimalism so I am ecstatic to see such great design on this massager.

The massager controls are inconspicuous and fit well with the rest of the overall design. There are three buttons: Up (+), Mode, and Down (-). The up button increases the strength of the vibration and the down button decreases the vibration; there are about 12 strength levels. The mode button cycles through the various modes. The modes are various speeds of pulsation and a really weird mode at the end that is a bit random (shuffle mode). The vibrations themselves are not too loud. If I was to use the Smart Wand in an enclosed room, the only way I could be heard is if someone was outside my door (full disclosure: my bedroom walls are thick). I would describe the vibrations of this device as rumbly since they have a low frequency and don’t get too loud.

At the bottom of the massager, there is the charging port. On LELO’s site, it says that it is 100% waterproof, but I believe they mean that the part that makes contact with the body is waterproof; granted, everything above the shiny plastic plate is completely sealed. I don’t want to try submerging it completely underwater since the charging port isn’t sealed and can probably damage the device. I do wish that LELO included a cover for the charging port like the LELO Billy.


The bag is excellent for storage.

My Experience

As soon as I received it, charging the LELO Smart Wand was the first thing I did. The first thing that I used the Smart Wand for _DSC1931was as a body massager [instead of a vibrator]. I immediately set it to the highest setting and used the wand on my shoulders. At the risk of sounding like an idiot, it has never occurred to me that I could actually use a body massager as a body massager. With its long handle, I was able to use it on my back through my clothes; if I don’t want to pay for a massage therapist, the Smart Wand is a perfect replacement for that.

The best way that I could take advantage of this as a sex toy is to use it on the underside of my glans by the frenulum. This is [usually] the most sensitive part of the penis for [most] guys. For me, the vibrations are too powerful if the wand is set too high at first. I have to build up from the very bottom and gradually turn up the speed. When first turning on the Smart Wand, it immediately skips the first vibration setting and moves on to level 2. As a personal preference, I like to not climax immediately; because of this, I have to use the wand on the middle settings. If I used the wand on the highest setting, I can probably orgasm in less than 30 seconds.

Another great use for the Smart Wand is transferring the vibrations to other toys. I tried using the Smart Wand on my Split Peaches Taper Plug and I was happy to discover that the vibrations transferred very easily. I immediately felt the vibrations on my prostate and throughout my bottom. I wanted to sustain the feelings for a long time, but I had to manually apply the wand to the plug which got tiring quickly. Of course, I could sit on it, but I did not want to risk breaking the head.

Sense Touch

Sense Touch is a very distinct and proprietary feature from LELO. Sense Touch is a feature where the vibrations get more intense when the wand is touching skin. Reading other reviews, it seems that Sense Touch didn’t work as well for other people. In my own experience, Sense Touch worked as advertised, but it wasn’t as fine-tuned as I expected it to. The vibrations did increase from about a level 3 at idle to about a level 8. I tried to apply more pressure to increase it higher, but it wouldn’t move past a level 8.


Care and Storage

The part of the LELO Smart Wand that makes contact with the body is silicone. Water-based lubricant would be ideal to be used with this toy. Silicone is a no-no since it can damage the toy.

For cleaning, soap and water is sufficient for cleaning after every use. LELO included an antibacterial cleaner which works pretty well after every use. If you would like to sterilize the Smart Wand, it would be best to clean it with a 10% bleach solution (90% water). Using boiling water is not advised since it can damage the electronics.

For storage, the included bag is perfect of course since it’ll protect it from any dust/lint. I personally keep the Wand near my nightstand in case of any spontaneous sessions.


Minimalistic design. Just the way I like it

Conclusion (tl;dr)



  • Super strong vibrations
  • Vibrations can be transferred through objects
  • Sleek and beautifully designed
  • Battery lasts quite a while



  • Handle feels like it vibrates just as hard as the head. Hard to maneuver the wand at times
  • Price is a bit steep (although worth the investment)
  • Sense Touch isn’t 100% as accurate as I wish it would be. I would really love to use this feature.


The LELO Smart Wand is a powerful device which can be used as a body massager and as a vibrator. The strength of the vibrator is obvious when it is able to bring me to climax in less than two minutes. My favorite feature of the LELO Smart Wand is the ability of transferring its vibrations to other objects such as dense silicone. This allows me to combine the Smart Wand with other toys such as a plug or dildo. Even though it is pricey, the benefits over time outweigh the initial cost.

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Where to Buy

LELO | Good Vibes | SheVibe | LoveHoney (UK)

MSRP: $199

2 Responses

  1. Alluring Ali says:

    Beautiful toy. Good to know how it vibrates. I have yet to own a Lelo toy but this one might be the first one I purchase now.

  2. Alluring Ali says:

    Beautiful toy. Good to know how it vibrates. I have yet to own a Lelo toy but this one might be the first one I purchase now.

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