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The Crescendo is promoted by MysteryVibe as the first “body-adapting 6-motor smart vibrator.” The main feature of this vibrator is the fact that it can be bent in almost any shape. Not only can it be bent in any shape to fit any body, the vibration patterns are fully customizable. With so much customizability, I started out the Crescendo experience with high hopes.

The Crescendo was given to me free of charge by LUVOQA. This fact does not change my opinions in any way about the product. Thank you LUVOQA.


First Impression

The packaging is eye candy. The first couple of words that come to my mind when holding the Crescendo’s box are: sleek, high-quality, and expensive. The Crescendo is a pricey vibrator–the packaging and everything that it comes with reflects that.

As I opened the Crescendo box, I was greeted by the device wrapped in a gorgeous ribbon resting on its storage case. The open box is aesthetically pleasing. A card with the basic controls is in an obvious place from the start. Open further investigation, there is another instruction card with more elaborate instructions. At the bottom of the box, there is an instruction to register the Crescendo’s warranty. The Crescendo includes a 12-month manufacturer warranty–it must be registered however to be active.

The toy itself is gorgeous. It’s a pretty aqua blue (I think it’s aqua) which is great to see. I’m tired of seeing toys being the same black or purple or pink. The toy is fairly simple to bend. MysteryVibe instructs not to bend it sideways ever–as long as you follow this instruction, you can bend the toy however you want. If you bend it too much, you’ll see that the silicone will wrinkle just a bit.

The storage bag included with the toy is always nice to have. It is a nice storage bag. An actual quality bag–a surprise as I’m used to getting simple flimsy draw-string bags included with toys.

The customizability of the vibrations is a huge feature of this toy. There is a smartphone app that accompanies the toy. With the app, you are able to use a huge variety of vibrations and control the intensity of the toy wirelessly.

Glamour Shot

Eye-candy shot. Everything about the packaging is beautiful

My Experience

The vibrations are strong. They’re not earthquake-type vibrations (save that for the huge wands), but they are super strong. The toy has 6 motors. This means that the vibrations are uniform throughout the device. Other vibrators that I have used only have one strong motor, but it is not always the best at transferring the vibrations throughout the entire device. I liked that no matter where the vibrator is placed, it’ll have the same intensity throughout.

As a male, I have mainly two options to use the vibrator: anally or on my glans. On my penis, it feels like any other vibrator. I have to keep it on my glans to feel the best effect. As a personal preference, I’m not a fan of using vibrators on my penis. At times it gets too sensitive and sometimes I just want to release without having to keep changing the speed constantly. According to the manufacturer, there are many ways to use the device for penis-owners–one of the methods I tried was bending the Crescendo into a U-shape. As I have said, vibrator stimulation on my penis isn’t my thing at all. I’m sure others can find that it is pleasurable if that’s what they like.

Can the Crescendo be used anally? Yes it can. One thing to note is that this device doesn’t have a flared lip like other anal vibrators that I have used. If you use it anally, you’ll have to be holding it to prevent losing the toy inside you. As a guy, I love the fact that you can angle the tip of the toy to reach my prostate. One of the things that I feared the most was: what if the toy bends too easily? I didn’t want to bend the toy [for prostate use] and have it become undone just because a little pressure was added. During my testing, the toy maintains its shape if I’m using it anally. Though the shape has to be relatively straight in order for the toy to keep its shape. If I use it too vigorously, it eventually adopts to no shape [just straight].

The patterns just don’t cut it for me. That’s 100% a personal opinion. I don’t enjoy any vibration pattern on any toy. I just like the plain steady vibration. Using the app is interesting; it’s not the most user friendly because it has a bit of a learning curve to it. One of my favorite thing about this toy is that any custom vibration pattern made can be synced to the toy. That means that when you are ready to use your custom pattern, you don’t have to use the phone app since it’s already saved inside the toy.

The storage bag is deluxe. This isn’t your average flimsy fabric bag, this is a bag with some side pockets for adding extra… stuff.

Conclusion (tl;dr)



  • Strong vibrations
  • Multiple motors conduct vibrations efficiently
  • The toy works beautifully with the app. Great UI design.
  • Customizable bendy-ness. Customizable vibrations. Customizable everything
  • All silicone design
  • Wireless charger is easy to use



  • Vigorous use causes the toy to lose its shape. Fast.
  • Just a little on the pricey side. Though completely worth it.
  • Learning curve for the new users.


This is the most customizable sex toy that I own. MysteryVibe did a really great job at making a toy that works for any body. If one likes to use patterns, then they’re free to make their own. If you don’t like patterns at all, you can just use the regular plain steady pattern. Clitoral stimulation? G-spot? There is a way to make the Crescendo work for you no matter your preference.

Just a shot of the packaging. It’s pretty to look at.

Where to Buy

Mystery Vibe’s Website

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