Review: Ultra Inflatable Position Master

The Inflatable Position Master is a wedge-type of inflatable designed to facilitate the use of new sex-positions. It is very similar to the foam wedges that other companies sell. Using these type of position enhancers can sometimes be seen as a necessity. I found myself always trying to use our pillow or a blanket to use under my partner’s back.

The Fetish Fantasy Ultra Inflatable Position Master was given to me free of charge by ManShop for review purposes. Thank you ManShop! Please note that this fact does not sway my opinion about the product in any way. All of the opinions here are my own.

First Impressions

The Inflatable Position Master came in a very colorful box with different pictures of various positions a couple can engage in while using the inflatable. The packaging isn’t very SFW since the models on the packaging are almost nude.

Once you take out the inflatable, it includes a free blindfold and a patch kit in case the inflatable gets any holes or leaks.

The material of the inflatable is a suede-type of material. The issue with this is the fact that lint sticks to this easily. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; it just means that the inflatable won’t be sliding around as it is being used.

The inflatable, it being an inflatable, requires the use of a pump. Sure, it’s possible to completely fill the inflatable manually by mouth–but it’s way too time consuming and tiring. Conveniently, I have a foot pump for inflatables [a medicine ball that I have] which did the trick.

My Experience

My partner and I weigh average on the BMI scale. The inflatable has a rated weight limit of 300 lbs. Together, my partner and I weigh about 50 lbs heavier than that combined. Despite this fact, we didn’t have any issues with air leaking or it needing re-inflation at all. I feel like your mileage may vary in everyone’s situation. I read through other reviews for this product and saw that there were many people that had issues with air leaking while being used. Our only issue here is that it had to be re-inflated after every use. If we stored it and didn’t use it for more than a couple of days, I had to completely re-inflate the position inflatable. During use, it never lost air.

This inflatable is convenient. Missionary position allows me to enter my partner at a different angle, making it so that my partner’s G-spot is more easily stimulated. If my partner is on top, I can lay on the wedge to change the angle at which I enter her. The handles on the inflatable allow me to thrust into her with more strength. She can hold on to the handles to stay in place. It’s all very convenient. There are so many positions that I want to try with the inflatable. I feel myself using the inflatable almost every time we have sex.

Normally, my partner and I have only about three positions to choose from. This inflatable really gives us new options. I did always want to try new positions, but we often found it difficult due to our dramatic differences in height. Our sex is much more pleasurable and I can’t wait to see what new positions we discover together.

Conclusion (tl;dr)



  • The handles are extremely convenient.
  • Inflatable wins over foam. Doesn’t absorb liquids.
  • Relatively easy to clean.



  • The inflatable might not be the right size for everyone
  • Extremely inconvenient to re-inflate if you don’t own a pump.


The Inflatable Position Master is a must-have. It makes sex much more enjoyable. It allows for doggy style without having to necessarily stay up. It allows for more convenient oral sex. Sex in our normal positions that we usually do it in is much more convenient. Much more satisfying for the both of us. I would recommend it for couples looking to explore new positions.

Where to Buy

ManShop | LoveHoney

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