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When I think of the Pleasure Works Sidekick plug, I think of an entry-level plug. For this review, I got my hands on the large version of the Sidekick (the Sidekick 2). Even at its “large” size, it is a bit on the smaller side of the plugs that I own. I feel that for those who are starting to dabble in anal play, they will find that the Sidekick 1 and 2 are a good size to build up from. For a good entry-level plug, I feel that a plug has to — have the ability to be inserted and removed easily; and be comfortable for those not used to large girths. One other key factor that allows me to call this plug an entry-level toy is its price — $24 for the small version and $26 for the large version. This is the perfect budget price for a beginner looking to buy a 100% safe platinum-cured silicone plug.

I received the Pleasure Works Sidekick plug from Good Vibes free of charge for the purpose of review. This review is my honest opinion and it has not been changed by the previous fact.


First Impressions

The plug arrives in a plastic bag inside of a small box. The box is fairly standard sporting the Pleasure Works branding and all of the information about the plug itself.

The Sidekick plug is relatively small. This surprised me because I assumed that the “large” size would be much larger than what I received. For anal beginners, it is a good thing that the sizes are small. Beginners need to slowly train themselves and work their way up in sizes if they ever intend to try larger plugs in the future.

The design of the plug makes it seem like it was intended to give stimulation to prostate owners. Just from looking at it, it seems that the initial prostate stimulation would come from the plug being inserted. Afterwards, the tip is supposed to rest on the prostate itself. (For me it didn’t, but more on that below). Before I actually wore it, I hypothesized that it wouldn’t give me adequate prostate stimulation since it was made from silicone. From my past experience, it seems that silicone is too light of a material compared to metal to give enough prostate stimulation.

My Experience

It came to no surprise to me that I was able to insert the Sidekick plug with little warm-up. Due to its small size, it is very easy to insert once lubricated. For this plug (and almost every other plug I use) I used Sliquid H2O. Once the plug was inside me, I experienced no discomfort. The base of the plug is slim and sat comfortably between my buttocks.

While sitting down, I had no trouble at all keeping the plug inside me. I wasn’t really fearful of the plug falling out; something that I was scared of at first because of the thickest part being so small compared to the neck of the plug. However, when I stood up and walked around, I felt thatsidekick-1-2 at times, I had to keep the plug in voluntarily. It wasn’t all the time, but because of its narrow neck and base, it didn’t allow for set-and-forget use. Personally, I am a fan of long-term wear plugs and I am sad to say that the Sidekick didn’t make the cut for me in this department.

One feature that the Sidekick tries to sell is its bulb for prostate stimulation. For my body, the bulb did nothing for my prostate. In theory, it seems that the pointy bulb of the plug is supposed to rest on the prostate while the plug is inserted. In practice however, the bulb missed my prostate and went just a bit too far. If a prostate stimulating plug is what you are looking for, I would have to recommend a metal plug with a curve. Although the budget doesn’t compare, the best prostate-stimulating plug would be the Njoy Pure Plug 2.0.

For intermediate–expert users, the Sidekick will not give you a stretch. Personally, this is what I look for a plug 90% of the time, the other 10% of the time I wear smaller plugs for the sensation.

For beginners on the other hand, I can see that this large plug can give some a challenge. With adequate lubrication and warm-up, almost anyone can get accustomed to the Sidekick 2 fairly easily.

Care and Storage

As with any other platinum-cured silicone plug, avoid using silicone lubricant. Instead, you can use oil-based lubricant or water-based lubricant with this toy. After every use, it is recommended to wash the plug with warm water and soap.

Every once in a while, the plug should be sterilized with boiling water or by soaking in a 10% bleach solution.

Conclusion (tl;dr)



  • Excellent for a beginner
  • Curvy base-to-neck transition great for easy insertion/removal
  • Little warm-up required



  • Does not give any prostate stimulation
  • Dust attractor. Must store in case or risk dust.


The Pleasure Works Sidekick is the definition of an entry-level butt plug. At its price, it makes it a great budget plug without sacrificing quality or safety (100% platinum-cured silicone). One thing to be aware of is that the bulb at the tip of the plug might not satisfy everyone’s prostate-stimulating needs. For a low price, almost anyone can begin their adventure into the joys of anal play.

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