Review: Tantus Mark

A much more firmer dual density dildo than the Tantus Gary. The Tantus Mark was very satisfying to use as the receiver in a pegging session. The pleasure came from the firmness, this stimulates the prostate much more efficiently than the Gary. So far this past summer, I have noticed that I have been using the Mark more than any other dildo that I own.

The Tantus Gary dildo was given to me free of charge from Tantus for review. My review and opinion are completely honest. Thank you Tantus!

First Impressions

The Tantus Mark is the less texture-y cousin of the Tantus Gary (a similar dildo that I have reviewed before). This dildo has a glans and a urethral slit along with some vein-like texture running along the shaft. The girth of the dildo is somewhat more “realistic” than other dildoes — it seems to match a real penis’ girth. In this case, the dual density silicone allows for a soft glans and corona versus the shaft. This again, is more realistic compared to a real penis [such as mine] where the shaft can be hard, but the glans of the penis remains soft-ish.

Compared to the Tantus Gary, one thing that I like better in the Mark is the fact that it is more firm. This dildo is not easy to bend in half as compared to the floppy nature of the Gary. The firmness allows it to provide prostate stimulation when used. For me, I feel that a bit of firmness is a requirement to give enough stimulation.


My Experience

Like almost all silicone dildos, a bit of water-based lube allows the Mark to slide in me very easily. I found that angling the curve of the dildo towards my prostate gives the best results. As a result of the Mark’s curve, thrusting the dildo felt good. It gave my prostate gentle waves of pleasure while not putting in too much pressure.

The short length (as compared to the Gary) of the dildo is great since I don’t have to worry about the dildo hitting the “bend” of my colon. As I have noticed with other dildos, hitting the sigmoid bend can be a problem. It either gets too uncomfortable with the constant hitting or I have to angle myself at just the right place for it to be bearable.

No matter how hard or how soft I thrust the dildo, I feel like this toy really touches me in just the right places. My entire [multiple] sessions have all been pleasurable. Although I don’t rely 100% on prostate pleasure when using dildos, the dildo hits it really well.

Uses in Pegging

I have not had the chance to be pegged yet with this dildo. Mainly because I haven’t asked my SO yet. I will update the post when I do!

Care and Storage

As this is a silicone dildo, the Tantus Mark can be cleaned with hot water and soap. To sterilize, a soaking in bleach solution or boiling is best. Personally, I find boiling  the dildo the easiest way to clean it. I have a dedicated pot for cleaning toys that I got from the grocery store at a cheap price.

Conclusion (tl;dr)



  • Firm for prostate contact
  • The texture can be a good thing for those who like it
  • Realistic-looking. Even has a urethral slit.



  • I can’t really feel the texture (not really a con)
  • Dust attractor. Must store in a case or risk dust
  • I wish it was  bit grithier (again, not a con)


In terms of prostate-feel, the Tantus Mark is a firmer option that provides ‘that’ feeling. The dual-density silicone is a bit more subtle than the Gary, but it is definitely a delight to have that. During solo use, angling the tip towards the prostate gives a pretty unique feeling that I can’t really experience with any other dildo that I currently own. I found myself using the Mark in a couple of sessions alone more than with other dildo. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a realistic dildo that can provide prostate stimulation.

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Where to Buy

Tantus | SheVibe

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  1. Tantus Gary looks a lot better!!!

  2. Tantus Gary looks a lot better!!!

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