Review: Tantus Ringo

The Tantus Ringo is literally the largest plug that I own. It has a diameter of 2.5″ beating out all other plugs that I own by about 0.75″. I asked to review this plug because I wanted to “challenge” myself (is that the right word?).

The Tantus Ringo was given to me free of charge from Tantus for review. My review and opinion are completely honest. Thank you Tantus!
[box type=”error” align=”” class=”” width=””]The Tantus Ringo is not for beginners. It is a large plug aimed to users who can stretch more than 2.5″

First Impressions

In person, the Tantus Ringo is enormous. Almost half a foot long and a diameter of 2.5″ at its thickest point, the Ringo is a heavy piece of silicone.

The entire plug is squishy and has a grip-y texture. This plug is made from silicone, yet it feels that this plug attracts more dust than any other Tantus toy that I own. Dust is a way of life with any silicone toy; for this reason, all silicone toys should always be washed, if dusty, prior to use.

The shape of the Ringo itself reminds me of a “classic” butt plug shape. The neck is not narrow, it seems that the neck is only somewhat thinner than the thickest point. Just by looking at it, I can already tell that this type of plug isn’t intended to be worn for long-term sessions. Plugs designed or used for long-term sessions tend to have a very narrow neck that does not open the anal sphincter too much.

My Experience

It did not happen.

I really wanted to see what my limits were since I haven’t had the chance to try pushing them lately. The Ringo is leagues beyond my limits.

The number one rule in anything anal-involved is: If it hurts, stop.

Without actually inserting much of the Ringo, just the act of stretching it enough to begin to take it was too much. I immediately started hurting. I tried many ways to prepare myself: use a plug as warm-up, use plenty of lubricant, and being relaxed are some of the things that I did. None of them worked for me because the Ringo is simply just too large for me.

As of now, I believe that the largest diameter that I’ve tried is about 1.75″, maybe my limit is only a bit more than that. As of now, I have to estimate that my hard limit is about 1.85″ in diameter.

Care and Storage

As this is a silicone dildo, the Tantus Ringo can be cleaned with hot water and soap. To sterilize, a soaking in bleach solution or boiling is best. Boiling silicone is the easiest way to clean it for me. I have a dedicated pot for cleaning toys that I got from the grocery store at a cheap price.

Conclusion (tl;dr)

I could not use it. It was too large for me.


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