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I am a fan of prostate stimulation. I used the Aneros in the past to give me stimulation, but this is only [tooltip text=”passive” gravity=”nw”]non-vibrating. [/tooltip] stimulation. As my first prostate massager, I chose the LELO Billy and it has worked very well.

First Impressions

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Just like other LELO products, I am already amazed before I even open the massager. The packaging, like always, is beautifully designed. The inner box is minimalist with the LELO logo embossed on the box. Following the style of the Smart Wand, the Billy also comes with a storage bag. I really like the storage bag since it is a convenient place to have it stored; of course, I keep it near my bed in its bag.

The insertable portion of the massager is a blue matte silicone. It is stiff and does not appear to flex at all. The insertable portion has a curve which allows it to hit the prostate easily. Without lubricant, it has a smooth matte texture; once lubricated, it is virtually frictionless and can be inserted with ease. At the area where the silicone meets the handle, there is a flared “lip” to prevent it slipping inside anally.

[box type=”info” align=”” class=”” width=””]All anal toys should always have a method to prevent it slipping inside. For dildos or other phallic objects, a flared base or lip is the best way to go.

The controls on the massager have a ring around them that light up as a feedback mechanism to show when they are touched. There are four buttons laid out like a directional pad. Up and Down are for changing the intensity of the vibrations. The left and right buttons change the modes of vibrations. Although there are many vibrations, I personally don’t see myself using most of them; I guess I haven’t found “my mode” yet. The vibrations are not loud and don’t carry over outside of my own room. Even if it’s on full strength, as long as it is inside me, they are not easily heard (full disclaimer: I have thick walls).

The bottom of the massager has the charging port which is covered with a removable [silicone?] rubber plug. Unfortunately, it isn’t secured very well and I lost it pretty quickly. I wish it was secured with glue or some other method so that it wouldn’t be easy to lose. Regardless, I am pretty sure that water could still enter the port, therefore I wouldn’t recommend submerging the entire massager underwater.


My Experience

Like any other rechargeable, the first thing I did was charge it overnight. For my first use, I used Sliquid H2O. With just a couple of drops of lube, it was enough to make the Billy ready for use. Because of the texture and size of the massager, I was able to insert it without much warm-up.

Since the LELO Billy is a “classic” massager with no moving parts, it requires a great amount of manual stimulation. During solo use, the best way for me to use it is to either thrust it in and out or angle it towards my prostate and rub it. Once it is inside me, I cannot let go since doing so will cause it to fall out. One of the best parts of the massager is being able to focus the point of the massager directly on the prostate. Since the Billy is slender, I am able to maneuver it pretty well once inside me.  For me, I had to rub my prostate with short strokes instead of just keeping the massager there. Although it is possible to orgasm from prostate stimulation alone, I was not able to achieve this.

I tried for quite a while to achieve a prostate orgasm. I committed about 8 different sessions over the course of two weeks and I still wasn’t able to reach a prostate orgasm. I felt like I had reached a plateau; all I could do was feel like I got close to one, but never reached it. In the end of each session, I gave up and used the massager in conjunction with regular masturbating. It was a novel feeling having my prostate stimulated while masturbating regularly, I highly recommend trying it.

To use the Billy differently, I had my SO use the massager on me while I was laying down. This was a really great feeling since I was able to be stimulated without using my hands. With my partner, it felt the best when she thrust the massager on high. Although I still wasn’t able to reach a prostate orgasm this way, it did increase the sensation of my regular orgasm tenfold. I have to admit that this is one of my favorite ways to use the Billy.

One of my biggest gripes about the LELO Billy is that it is not hands-free. If I try to leave the massager in me, my body immediately pushes it out despite me attempting to hold it in. In thinking this, I have learned that I prefer hands-free prostate massagers as opposed to manual ones. Obviously it’s not meant to be a hands-free massager in the first place, so I cannot dock off any points for this unreasonable gripe.


Care and Storage

The insertable portion of the LELO Billy is made from silicone. Because of this, water-based lubricant is the best lubricant to_DSC1977 use with this material. It is possible for hybrid lubricants to be used with the Billy, but I personally have not tried it.

For cleaning after every use, using warm soap and water is sufficient. However, since it is used anally, I recommend sterilizing the toy completely using a 10% bleach solution. Boiling the massager isn’t an option since there are electronics and they can get damaged during a full immersion.

For storage, the included bag is perfect. Since the massager is rigid, make sure to store it in an area where it won’t receive any pressure of any kind to avoid damage.

Conclusion (tl;dr)



  • Pin-point vibrations really stimulate the prostate
  • Sleek and thin allows for easy entry
  • Battery lasts a long time
  • Once lubed, extremely smooth



  • The power port cover is easily lost
  • Price is a bit steep (although worth the investment)


The LELO Billy is a great prostate massager. The design allows it to hit the prostate during solo play without discomfort. The flared lip is perfect for preventing it from slipping in since it seems that it would be too easy without it. My favorite feature about the massager is that the battery seems to last forever. I have used it many times and it is rare the amount of times that I have to charge it. At one point, I actually lost the charger since I hardly charge it [I found it shortly after].


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Where to Buy

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MSRP: $139


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