Review: Tenga Flip Zero

The Tenga Flip Zero is one of those cutting-edge latest-technology toys that is only available in Japan. For the longest time, the only way to purchase this toy was to get it imported from Japan to your country. It was only just recently that Tenga has made the Flip Zero available in the US.

As I’ve stated  before, the Tenga Flip Hole is an amazing masturbator. The best part of the toy that makes it more than just great is the fact that it’s super easy to clean. The fact that you’re able to split open the toy to clean it thoroughly is fantastic for cleanliness; especially since this toy is made from a porous material. With the somewhat-recent announcement of the US availability of the Flip Zero, I was eager to test out the new Flip Zero toy and discover the improvements [if any] over the Flip Hole.

Thank you Tenga for sending me the Flip Zero free of charge for the purpose of reviewing it. All opinions in this post are completely mine and are not changed in any way by any third party.

With my review, I hope to answer the question: “Is it worth to upgrade from my Tenga Flip Hole?”

First Impressions

The first thing that came to my head when I received the Tega Flip Zero was: “Wow. Tenga does it again.”

This toy is gorgeous. It feels much more sleek than the old Flip Hole. It comes with a clear case that prevents dust. Dust is huge with this material. The material that this toy is made out of is a dust magnet and it shows on my Flip Hole Black. Thank you Tenga for including this simple case that prevents any dust build up. In addition to just preventing dust, there’s some sort of magnet on the base of the case that allows the Flip Zero to remain standing while it dries after washing.

The Flip Zero has an excellent new design. There is a sort of “latch” [not really a latch, but I can’t think of a different word at the moment] that keeps the entire toy held together. This “latch” in combination with the retaining clip allows the toy to be sealed tight and gives a pleasant, more-sucky-than-the-flip-hole, vacuum effect.

With the texture, although it’s very obviously different from the original Flip Hole, it doesn’t really have anything game changing. What I mean by that is that there’s not really any change in how the texture feels when in use.

My Experience

Where to start?

The main feature-point of the Tenga Flip series is that these toys have texture. It’s important to note that everyone is different. In the majority of penises, most of the sensation will be felt near the underside of the [tooltip text=”glans” gravity=”nw”]the head of the penis[/tooltip] and the glans itself. The texture of the Flip Zero is perfectly designed to give the entire penis sensation. Regardless of size, the texture exists throughout the toy and will give everyone different sensations.

When using this toy, it was extremely important to go slow. If I went too fast, the sensation was just too great and it felt painful. Of course, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing—it was for me in the beginning, but became more bearable towards the end. This type of sensation overload is almost like an intense tickling feeling that can almost become painful.

As I stated earlier, the underside of the glans is where most of the sensation is felt. This way, there are technically two sides to the Flip Zero. In my opinion, there really wasn’t any difference in feeling with both sides. I’d have to say that regardless of size, you’ll still be getting the full benefit out of the Flip Zero.

Having an orgasm with the Flip Zero is…. something else. I feel like it is more intense than the Flip Hole Black. This is probably the case due to a more intense vacuum effect. My partner did witness my orgasm with the Flip Zero and was surprised that I was so vocal—something that I did not even realize that I was doing at the time. I’ve tried a handful of other male masturbators, but none to me have been as great as the Flip Zero.

The Tenga texture is indistinguishable. To me. There are texture ridges, texture gates, and a texture orb at the very end. The idea of course is that the texture is supposed to stimulate the penis in different ways. To me, I felt very little difference in the texture. If I used it “upside down,” there was some difference, but it was very slight to me. I’m sure that everyone has varying sensitivities; I’m sure that there might be some users who will feel more of a difference and that there will be others who will feel no difference at all.

The greatest feature of the device is the suction effect. This vacuum effect has a greater impact over the texture. If this toy had none of the texture, it would still sell me on the suction effect. This causes the walls to “enclose” the penis completely which provides the penis with the best contact with the texture.

Tiny Issue

The only tiny issue I would say is getting this thing dry. It is imperative that the toy is completely dry. This prevents mold and bacteria build-up in the toy. Once this toy is washed after each use, the way to dry it is to carefully balance the toy on the white clip on the magnetic base. This can be annoying because it takes a while to get the balance just right. It has happened to me where I am drying my Flip Zero and the tiniest nudge can knock the entire thing over. When drying your flip zero, make sure it dries out in the open. This way, it is ensured that the toy becomes completely dry.

Conclusion (tl;dr)



  • Improved vacuum effect
  • Comes with an excellent case
  • Easy to clean



  • Porous material and not exactly designed to last. Only about 50 uses.


The Tenga Flip Zero is an amazing improvement to an already great toy. The case and the redesign of the “latch” on the hinges is the last improvements that the Tenga Flip needed to become perfect. This toy has the power to make me be involuntarily loud and vocal in my orgasms, which not many toys can actually do. To answer the question [is it worth upgrading from the original Flip Hole]: not really. If you already own the original Flip Hole, I wouldn’t recommend upgrading. I would wait until your original Flip Hole wears out [since they’re only worth about 50 uses]. If you do not own a Flip Hole, buying the Flip Hole Zero is an excellent place to start.

Where to Buy

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