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Review: Crystal Delights Plug

I have written in the past about the beautiful pieces of art that Crystal Delights make. Glass toys in general always catch my eye. Crystal Delight’s Swarovski crystal catches the light just right—changing color depending on how the light hits it. First Impressions I had ordered the most massive plug …

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Review: Ultra Inflatable Position Master

The Inflatable Position Master is a wedge-type of inflatable designed to facilitate the use of new sex-positions. It is very similar to the foam wedges that other companies sell. Using these type of position enhancers can sometimes be seen as a necessity. I found myself always trying to use our …

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Intro to Butt Play for Men

I am targeting a very specific audience in this post: men who identify themselves as straight. There are straight men who stay away from the thought of butt play due to the fact that it is associated with gay men. Sadly, there is the social taboo associated with butt play due to …

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Kinky Blogging: Keeping it Private

    Kinky Blogging is my series of multiple articles teaching anyone who would like to start their own blog. I try my best to pass on my knowledge, if you have any further questions, you can always contact me through my contact me page. If you have ever wanted …

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