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Review: Tantus Adam Super Soft

The latest Tantus line of Super Soft toys are very… super soft. These are not exaggeratedly soft, they still have that firmness if you squeeze it—but they are super bendy. This toy is a semi-realistic looking toy. Personally, I don’t mind realistic-looking toys, but I do know that some do. …

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Review: Tantus Mark

A much more firmer dual density dildo than the Tantus Gary. The Tantus Mark was very satisfying to use as the receiver in a pegging session. The pleasure came from the firmness, this stimulates the prostate much more efficiently than the Gary. So far this past summer, I have noticed …

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Review: Tantus Gary

Dual Density Silicone has to be the best invention to come to dildos since the vibrator was invented. The Tantus Gary is a lengthy dildo with a nice dynamic firmness that changes from very soft at the tip to very dense approaching the base. This dildo is made this way …

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Review: Tantus Rumble

The Tantus Rumble is the result of a successful Indiegogo campaign. The Rumble is advertised [in the campaign] as “a vibrator to please every body.” With this, they mean that the Rumble should work with any body type and user-friendly. With this vibrator, Tantus wants to help those who are …

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Review: Tantus Ryder

The Tantus Ryder is what I would say the definition of a beginner’s butt plug. It gives you a great “full” feeling that one looks for in a plug without the challenge of a larger plug. The bulb of the Ryder is small; and for me, requires hardly any warm …

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