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The Tantus Rumble is the result of a successful Indiegogo campaign. The Rumble is advertised [in the campaign] as “a vibrator to please every body.” With this, they mean that the Rumble should work with any body type and user-friendly. With this vibrator, Tantus wants to help those who are less-than-able-bodied to enjoy sexual pleasure as well. When holding the Tantus Rumble, one can see the hard work and research they put into this toy to make it ergonomic and easy to use.

Tantus Rumble inside its packaging.

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First Impressions

When I first held the Tantus Rumble, I noticed that it was light. The Rumble weighs in at 6.7 ounces (190 g) making it insanely light. The only other wand vibrator that I own is the LELO Smart Wand; the weight does not compare. In actuality, the Rumble weighs slightly less than my cell phone (an iPhone 6 plus) which is surprisingly light for a vibrator.

One aspect of the Rumble that I did not like was the fact that there were only 3 true speeds. In the Indiegogo campaign, Tantus advertised the Rumble as having 14 different speeds. Unfortunately, I was sad when I discovered that there were only three speeds and four patterns. The downside with having only three speeds [of intensity] is that it cannot go very low. What I mean by this is that it starts off at what should be a “medium” level and goes up to high. I would like for it to go lower at times; but the Rumble is unable to do that.

Holding the Tantus Rumble

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The vibrations of the toy are pretty strong. For me, the highest intensity of the Rumble is more than sufficient for me; however, I feel like some users might want even more power. For the power that the Rumble gives, it is surprisingly quiet. I turned it on its highest setting and left it in my bathroom on a towel. With the door closed, I could not hear any noise coming from the vibrator. The only way I could hear anything is if I put my ear right up next to the door.

A feature of the Rumble that I really love is the fact that the head of the vibrator is flexible. I am able to flex the head and it’s very easy to do so. Additionally, the silicone cap that is on the Rumble is amazing. I can remove it and wash it. Tantus announced that they will be designing new heads for the toy and I cannot wait to see them. So far, I believe they are releasing [or already have released] three heads which are: convertible head (for suction cup base toys), flicker head, and a spoon head designed to reach the G or P spot. As of now, Tantus is planning on making new attachments. So far, the insertable spoon head looks like the most interesting one, but I cannot wait to see what else they have coming.


My Experience

Using a wand vibrator, I feel that I’m very limited as to how I can use the Rumble. As it is a wand, the best feeling I can obtain is by pressing the wands head in the underside of my penis by the frenulum. The underside of a penis is the most sensitive area of the penis; using the Rumble in any other area of my penis doesn’t give me much of any pleasurable effect.

While using the Rumble, I immediately had something in my mind that I wish that I could change. I really wish that the Rumble had the ability to go lower in intensity. The fact that its only three levels of intensity is disappointing; it starts off at what is 50% power. With the other vibrators I have owned, all have been able to go from about 0% all the way to 100%; a vibrator that is not able to do this is not a deal breaker, but an inconvenience.

About the power: the full power is nowhere near one of my more powerful vibrators, the LELO Smart Wand. Powerful would not be a good way to describe the Rumble. However, I feel that if the toy was anymore powerful, it would be a bit painful for my penis. The moderately powered vibrations come with an advantage: the toy is relatively quiet. I turned on the toy on the highest setting and closed it in a room; I was unable to hear it even with my ear right up the door


Care and Storage

The head of the Tantus Rumble is a cap made from silicone. Water-based, oil-based, and hybrid lubricants are all okay to use. Since this is the part that makes contact with the body, it’s the only part that needs to be cleaned, washed, and sterilized regularly.

For cleaning, soap and water after every use is sufficient. For sterilizing, boiling water or a 10% bleach solution is sufficient. The body of the vibrator itself is not waterproof. This means that the body isn’t easily cleaned.

[box type=”error” align=”” class=”” width=””]The Tantus Rumble is not waterproof.


Conclusion (tl;dr)



  • The removable head is amazing for cleanliness
  • Very light and ergonomically designed
  • Battery lasts quite a while



  • No earth-shattering vibrations
  • Not waterproof. Toys in the bath are fun


The Tantus Rumble is a very enjoyable vibrator. The fact that it is lightweight makes it very easy on the hand and reduces the chance of strain when using it for long periods at a time. Tantus designed the Rumble to be easy to use for all body types and for everyone and I would definitely say that they succeeded. For those who want an extremely strong vibrator with earth-shattering vibrations, the Rumble is not for you.

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Where to Buy

Tantus | SheVibe

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