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I'm Ray and I love trying out new sex toys. My favorite types of toys are plugs and prostate massagers. I'm always looking to trying out new things. I'm slowly working on getting out reviews for more and more obscure toys. If there is anything that you want me to review, feel free to send me a message!

Review: L’amourose Rosa

Where do I even start? This is the prostate massager I’ve always wanted, but never really knew that it existed. I’ve always wanted a super strong vibrator [for prostate use], but I never knew that it existed somewhere. The L’amourose Rosa is that prostate massager. It is now my go-to prostate …

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Review: Holy Trainer v2

Why use chastity? A chastity device usually prevents access to one’s own genitals. I think I have a chastity fetish, meaning that I get off on the idea of not getting off. Wearing a chastity device relinquishes control [to someone else]. It prevents the wearer from being able to touch …

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Review: B Swish Bfilled Wireless Plug

I love butt plugs. Almost every butt plug I own is silicone or metal and does not vibrate. Just recently, I got the amazing opportunity to try a wireless butt plug. I’ve tried a regular vibrating butt plug, but this would be my first wireless plug to try. The B Swish Bfilled …

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Review: Tantus Ringo

The Tantus Ringo is literally the largest plug that I own. It has a diameter of 2.5″ beating out all other plugs that I own by about 0.75″. I asked to review this plug because I wanted to “challenge” myself (is that the right word?). The Tantus Ringo was given to …

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Review: Fun Factory Duke

The Fun Factory Duke is a silicone prostate stimulator. The stimulator comes in two parts–the insertable portion, which is made out of 100% [platinum-cured] silicone, and the vibrating bullet, made out of ABS plastic. The vibrating bullet is not intended to be used by itself, it is intended to be …

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Review: Tantus Mark

A much more firmer dual density dildo than the Tantus Gary. The Tantus Mark was very satisfying to use as the receiver in a pegging session. The pleasure came from the firmness, this stimulates the prostate much more efficiently than the Gary. So far this past summer, I have noticed …

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Giveaway: Svakom Tyler, Lester, and Lorna

I have joined forces with Svakom to do my first giveaway ever! Earlier in the year, Svakom gave me the opportunity to review two amazing toys: The Svakom Tyler and the Svakom Siime Eye. I did a video review for each one which allowed me to showcase the features and …

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Review: Pleasure Works Sidekick

When I think of the Pleasure Works Sidekick plug, I think of an entry-level plug. For this review, I got my hands on the large version of the Sidekick (the Sidekick 2). Even at its “large” size, it is a bit on the smaller side of the plugs that I …

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Review: Tantus Gary

Dual Density Silicone has to be the best invention to come to dildos since the vibrator was invented. The Tantus Gary is a lengthy dildo with a nice dynamic firmness that changes from very soft at the tip to very dense approaching the base. This dildo is made this way …

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